Super Flush™ Additive

Super Flush™ additive is used ahead of primary cementing to help prepare the wellbore to receive cement. Super Flush additive promotes better mud displacement to help

  • Improve cement bond logs and zonal isolation
  • Improve control of lost-circulation and fluid loss
  • Speed gelation after slurry placement is complete.

Super Flush additive can also be used as an aid in plug cementing operations. The gelation reaction with calcium chloride brine is used to form a stiff gel "pill" on which the cement slurry is securely supported until it develops enough strength to support itself. The principal advantages of Super Flush additive are:                              

  • Better mud removal to promote improved cement bond logs and zonal isolation.
  • Improved downhole fluid loss control, even though part of the filter cake is removed.
  • Aids lost circulation control – forms a stiff gel when mixed with reactive brine, helping seal off lost circulation zones by blocking flow channels and fractures; this promotes fill-up efficiency and higher top of cement.
  • Faster slurry gelation after the slurry is in place: an amount of the active chemical is absorbed by the filter cake or formation along the entire interval; the unreacted chemical then reacts with the cement slurry and promotes gelation.
  • Neutralizes incompatible mud and filter cake by killing the accelerating effect of broken oil-based muds (OBMs) and the retardation effect of highly treated water-based muds (WBMs).


Super Flush™ Additive

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