SCR-200L™ Cement Retarder

SCR-200L™ liquid retarder is a synthetic, nonhazardous cement retarder designed specifically for environmental sustainability. This is a highly biodegradable, non-dispersing retarder designed specifically for high-temperature designs in environmentally sensitive locations. This retarder has good compatibility with Class H and Class G cements. It is compatible with other additives in the Halliburton cementing portfolio.   

SCR-200L retarder shows excellent performance in fresh water, seawater and saturated NaCl solution mix fluids. This retarder, when used as the only retarder, can be used at bottom-hole circulating temperatures (BHCTs) between 140°F and 310°F (60°C and 154°C).

When used in combination with retarder enhancers, SCR-200L retarder can be used in BHCTs up to 450°F (232°C). It provides excellent 24-hour compressive strength when cured at this BHCT range. SCR-200L retarder shows excellent linear relation between thickening time and concentration. SCR-200L retarder has very good compatibility with latex slurries that are blended with Latex 2000™ cement additive or Latex 3000™ cement additive, and has shown to improve fluid-loss performance.

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