Halad®-862 Fluid Loss Additive

Halliburton’s Halad®-862 fluid-loss additive was developed as a less dispersive alternative to Halad®-413 fluid-loss additive. It has a broad range of applications and has been developed to meet response requirements in heavyweight slurries, seawater, and saturated salt designs. Halad-862 fluid-loss additive is designed for use in heavyweight (high-density), high-temperature slurries or any slurry that contains salt (2% up to saturated) with no loss of performance, it is the ideal fluid-loss additive for high-temperature, high-density slurries.

  • Halad-862 fluid-loss additive provides excellent fluid-loss control at high temperatures and is compatible with lower-temperature fluid-loss additives, such as Halad®-344™ fluid-loss additive.
  • Halad-862 fluid-loss additive is a dry powder that is easily and most commonly dry blended.
  • It is less dispersive to the slurry and, in some cases, the use of a viscosifying agent (FWCA™ cement additive, Econolite™ additive, Halad-344 or Halad®-766™ fluid-loss additives) might not be required.
  • Because of the reduced dispersion provided by Halad-862 fluid-loss additive, often high-temperature retarders can be used without over dispersing the slurry.
  • In many cases, Halad-862 fluid-loss additive provides better fluid-loss control than Halad®-413™ fluid-loss additive.

Current slurry designs might need further evaluation of viscosity when Halad-862 fluid-loss additive is used as a one-for-one replacement of Halad-413 fluid-loss additive. In some cases, a dispersant material might need to be added with Halad-862 fluid-loss additive slurry designs. There can be some slight retardation at temperatures below 200°F (93.3°C).

Halad®-862 Fluid Loss Additive

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