HALAD®-344 Fluid Loss Additive

Improves compressive strength in lightweight slurries

Halliburton’s HALAD-344 fluid loss additive is nonretarding, which makes it ideal for lightweight cementing compositions that typically have long thickening times. The additive promotes good compressive strength at low temperatures, and it performs well in seawater and fresh water.

HALAD-344 additive is compatible with retarders, dispersants, and calcium chloride (CaCl2). The additive has no temperature limitations, and laboratory tests confirm it remains effective at temperatures higher than 400°F.

Other features of HALAD-344 additive include:

  • Excellent fluid-loss control with very low concentrations of additive.
  • Good salt tolerance makes it effective for a variety of cement compositions, including those with salt concentrations of up to 18%.
  • Protects water-sensitive shale sections that may weaken and break down because of cement filtrate.
  • Reduces the amount of filtrate that can penetrate formations containing bentonite clays.

In squeeze cementing operations, HALAD-344 additive helps reduce premature dehydration in tubing and casing, and long perforated intervals often can be squeezed successfully in a single stage. Satisfactory squeeze results can be obtained at low pressures without overdisplacement.

HALAD-344 additive - Product Specifications
Part No. 516.00227 Bulk Density 26.00 lb/ft3
Form White to off white solid powder Packaging 50-lb sack
Specific Gravity 1.220


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Halad®-344 Fluid Loss Additive

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