CFR-6™ Cement Friction Reducer

Perfect for slurries with low fluid-loss materials

CFR-6 cement friction reducer replaces our CFR-2™ cement additive. The new formulation reduces apparent viscosity and improves the rheological properties of cement slurries.

CFR-6 cement friction reducer is effective in altering the apparent viscosity of slurries that contain low fluid-loss materials (especially HALAD®-9 additive, HALAD-12 additive, and HALAD-22 additive). It is not recommended for use in slurries where the ratio of salt to water (by weight of water) is 18% or greater.

By changing the apparent viscosity of a slurry, CFR-6 cement friction reducer allows operators to mix slurry at a higher density and maintain an optimum pumping rate. Using CFR-6 cement friction reducer can decrease or eliminate the need to add weighting material to a slurry mix.

CFR-6 Cement Friction Reducer - Product Specifications 
Part no.

(50-lb sack)
(1-lb sample)
Bulk Density

43 lb/ft3

Form Tan powder Temp Range >60°F (16°C)
Specific Gravity 1.3


CFR-6L Cement Friction Reducer - Product Specifications
Part No. 101208599
(5-gal bottle)
(55-gal drum)
(1-pint sample)
pH 9.4

Form Tan, solid powder Bulk density  9.58 lb/gal
Specific Gravity 1.15 Temp Range  >60°F (16°C) 

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CFR-6™ Cement Friction Reducer

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