CFR-3™ Cement Friction Reducer

Provides reduced hydraulic horsepower requirements and greater turbulence at lower pump rates.

Halliburton CFR-3 friction reducer helps reduce the apparent viscosity and improve the rheological properties of a cement slurry. As a result, turbulent flow can be achieved at lower pumping rates, which results in reduced friction pressure during pumping.

When the apparent viscosity of a slurry is reduced, the slurry can be mixed at a higher density by reductions in the amount of mix water added. Although the slurry is denser, it remains easy to pump and will require less, possibly no, weighting material.

CFR-3 friction reducer also helps improve fluid-loss control and can provide slight slurry retardation.

CFR-3 Friction Reducer (with Defoamer) - Product Specifications
Part No. 100012206 Bulk Density 38.00 lb/ft3
Form Red-brown solid Packaging 50 lb. bag
Specific Gravity 1.16


CFR-3 Friction Reducer (without Defoamer) - Product Specifications
Part No. 100003653 Bulk Density 38.00 lb/ft3
Form Dark red-brown
solid, powder
pH 7 to 9 
Specific Gravity 1.17 Packaging 50 lb. bag

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CFR-3™ Cement Friction Reducer

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