Econolite™ Additive

Halliburton’s Econolite™ additive is used in oil-well cementing to increase volume, decrease density, provide a detergent action, and reduce costs; the resulting slurries are widely used as filler cement. The additive is dry-blended, in finely ground powder form, with API cement Classes A, C, H, and Halliburton LIGHT cement at the rate of 1% to 3% by weight. Econolite additive cannot be used with calcium chloride (accelerator).

Econolite additive can be hydrated with fresh water, seawater (up to 5% salt), or salt water (up to 5% salt). High concentrations of salt can be detrimental to compressive strength; therefore, slurries hydrated with large amounts of salt water should be laboratory tested before use. The addition of 2% Econolite additive can produce an 11.4-lb/gal slurry with less than 2% free water in the API cement classes; increasing the concentration to 3% Econolite additive can reduce the free water content to less than 1%. The optimum addition to Halliburton LIGHT cement is 1%; for a slurry of 11.1 lb/gal, add 2% Econolite additive; free water in the resulting slurry will be about 1%.

Econolite additive helps provide the following benefits:

  • Reduced slurry cost
  • Extended slurry volume
  • Decreased slurry density

Econolite Additive

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