Casing Attachments

Casing attachments are items attached to the casing outer diameter (OD) as the casing is run in the wellbore. These items are designed to contribute to a successful primary cementing job, helping to enable complete cement coverage and achieving the designated top of cement. Over time, numerous casing attachments have been developed for use in primary cementing operations. These attachments can help the operator successfully place the casing string in the well and enhance mud removal from the wellbore. The type of casing attachments used depends on individual well requirements.  

Secondary (remedial) cementing has become very expensive. Casing attachments can provide an inexpensive alternative by helping optimize primary cementing success. Proper placement of the primary cementing slurry is as important as the correct slurry design. The effective use of casing attachments can help optimize slurry placement by:

  • Assisting with running and landing tubulars to the targeted depth for effective wellbore architecture;
  • Helping achieve optimum circulation for mud displacement and slurry placement for successful zonal isolation;
  • Helping reduce the chances of differential sticking of the tubulars.

Halliburton offers a wide array of casing attachment products for successful cement placement slurries. These include devices such as centralizers, stop collars, cement baskets, and scratchers and wipers that condition the wellbore and optimize casing positioning.

Intercasing Centralizer Sub (ICCS)
Can be run as an integral part of almost any casing string.
Isolizer™ Centralizer
The Isolizer™ centralizer is an optimized solution for tight-tolerance applications.
The portfolio of RED-X centralizers is a comprehensive offering to help operators achieve optimal standoff at an economical price point while still maintaining premium quality and drag reduction.
Stop Collars
Keep centralizers and other casing attachments in place on the casing.
The Protech™ Centralizer Family of Products
Halliburton’s Protech™ centralizer family of casing attachments provide a unique solution to casing centralization that utilizes the latest resin, carbon fiber and ceramic technologies to apply wear resistant and/or flow enhancing centralizers, deflectors or protectors directly to customer tubulars.

Casing Attachments

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