Achieve proper centralization to reach planned depth and maximize cementing efficiency

Achieving positive standoff is essential to create the best possible barrier, and proper centralization during cementing is a critical operational component. Frictional forces caused by the wellbore on the centralizer body can make it difficult to reach planned depth, especially on extended laterals or areas where a rigid centralizer is needed, but with ultra-low friction coefficients. The Protech II centralizer offers a significant reduction in frictional forces and allows operators the best chance possible at reaching planned depth while still maintaining positive standoff, with virtually no restriction of flow area, in order to maximize cementing efficiency.

Protech™ II Centralizers

Improved temperature and pressure rating performance

Reengineered to meet higher standards across the industry, the Protech II centralizers provide improved performance in both temperature and pressure ratings compared to earlier versions.

Protech™ II Centralizers
Protech™ II Centralizers

Degree cement coverage


Degrees fahrenheit maximum temperature rating


Psi maximum pressure rating

Composite centralizer blades provide superior performance and a significant frictional force reduction

The Protech II centralizer blades consist of a ceramic and carbon fiber blend that is adhered directly to the casing or pipe substrate with chemical bonding, resulting in very high adhesion values for superior down hole impact resistance, toughness, and flexibility. The centralizer blades’ nonmetallic composite blend design is resistant to compression stresses. Additionally, this design will not cause galvanic corrosion on the corrosive-resistant alloy (CRA) pipe, and will not slip or move due to the blades’ integration onto the casing. The Protech II centralizer’s composite blend provides significant frictional force reduction due to its coefficient of friction at 0.08 compared to polymer and steel products, ultimately allowing for the placement of more centralizers along the casing and ensuring optimal placement of the cement sheath.

Highly customizable centralizer for optimal standoff and coverage

Protech II centralizers are custom-tailored to address well-specific challenges. Because the spacing and geometry of the Protech II centralizer blades are customized based on the specific wellbore, they can provide a full circumference standoff while allowing unrestricted flow paths. The centralizer blades can be molded in any geometry, and are designed with low-angle upsets to help lift the casing away from obstructions. Since the blades can be staggered and placed at any location, and are directly bonded to the casing, they allow for greater flow over conventional centralizers. This improved flow path and lower equivalent circulating density (ECD) results in more efficient mud removal, the ability to prevent packoff during cementing, and an even distribution of cement for full coverage and effective zonal isolation.  

Isolizer™ Centralizers
Isolizer™ Centralizers

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Isolizer™ Centralizers

Isolizer centralization integrates a single-piece centralizer with Protech™ II technology. The slip-on, steel bow spring centralizer is customized for tight annular clearance applications.


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