Overcome drag forces to reach planned depth and maximize production

The AirGlide floatation sub significantly lowers drag and frictional forces to allow casing to get to bottom faster. Through use of an innovative glass disk, the AirGlide floatation sub can lift the casing string away from the wellbore to reduce drag between the casing and the formation to provide improved casing running capabilities. Because the AirGlide floatation sub utilizes an innovative glass disk rather than ceramic parts, there is zero risk of plugoff or damage to float equipment, and the need for a debris catcher is eliminated. 

Fullbore access with zero debris

An innovative glass disk handles differential pressures up to 12,500 psi to withstand shocks during handling and well operations but disintegrates into fine, sand-like particles upon activation. These sand-like fragments are easily pumped through float equipment with no risk of plugoff or damage to the equipment, thus leaving a fullbore inner diameter (ID) casing for cementing and completions operations.

AirGlide Floatation Sub

An innovative glass disk is capable of handling differential pressures up to 12,500 psi but disintegrates into fine particles upon activation.

AirGlide Floatation Sub

Risk of plugoff or damage to float equipment


PSI maximum differential pressure capability


Debris left after activation


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