Improved reliability and safety during circulation

One of the most important operations performed at the well site involves circulating fluids through casing to condition or clean the well before other operations are performed. This process is initiated by conditioning the drilling fluid through a circulation process that breaks up the gel structure and filter cake that drilling fluid can form, particularly when left static in the annulus.   

Halliburton has long provided the industry with the two main methods of attaching circulating equipment to casing: plug containers and circulating swedges. Now, with the improved design and practices found in the Commander 1000 top drive cementing head, you can provide even more reliability and safety during these operations.  


Pounds Per Square Inch (psi)


Imperial Tons


Makeup Torque (ft-lbf)


Working perameters/ratings are 10,000 psi, 1,000 imperial tons (2,000,000 lbm), and 75,000 ft-lbf makeup torque. Other advantages include:
  • Lloyds and DNV type and product certified
  • DNV certified baskets
  • Launch balls and drill pipe darts
  • Dynamic plug launch/drop plugs while flowing
  • Ability to increase number of chambers 
  • Integrated swivel design
  • Remote operated 4.0-in ID Kelly valves

Surface circulating equipment for offshore operations

Commander 1000 top-drive cementing head is designed for offshore operations to surface launch balls or darts, in order to operate subsea plug sets and associated tools. The Commander 1000 head has integral features that support cementing and liner operations for the most severe deepwater well construction operations, including pre-salt, extended salt formations and when a heavier casing/work-string is needed. 

This modular top-drive cement head can be configured for remote operation capability using radio-frequency. A wireless remote system means the removal of man riding and the need for personnel being raised into the derrick to operate valves. The remote system can also operate upper and lower safety valves.

The systems smart design allows for minor field maintenance and improves reliability, such as offering the ability to load plugs offshore and in the basket without breaking apart the tool to install plugs.


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