Exceptional reliability to prevent sustained casing pressure

Reliable and effective annular barriers are critical to well management for safety and performance. When sustained casing pressure (SCP) occurs, it is an indication that well integrity has been compromised, often resulting from a failed barrier. SCP impacts wellbore isolation, emissions, well production, and can result in costly remediation. 

The Obex EcoLock® casing annulus packer, which is part of the Halliburton Obex® family of compression-set packers, provides a cost-effective mechanical barrier to mitigate SCP and deliver life of the well integrity. 



PSI bidirectional packer holding capability


Fahrenheit packer element rating



Exceptional reliability to prevent sustained casing pressure

  • Superior sealing - The Obex EcoLock packer is designed for casing-to-casing applications to provide V6-rated isolation assurance. The tool operates by setting the packer elements with a seated free fall plug and applied internal casing pressure. An internal continuous ratchet mechanism keeps the packer compressed from the initiation of the setting until it is fully set. Premium backup shoes keep the packer elements energized to prevent low pressure gas or fluid from migrating against the previous casing string. This sealing capability results in zero weak points in the packoff, to thereby mitigate sustained casing pressure and deliver an effective seal for the life of the well.
  • Engineered for performance - The Obex EcoLock packer design utilizes a drive-pin setting system that eliminates potential leak paths from the setting operation. Furthermore, the assembly process does not rely on welding. These features remove the risks associated with fluid losses in the well, which could compromise holding pressure and prevent the packer from fully setting. When the drive-pins shear at the end of the packer stroke it is an indication that the setting system has delivered the required setting force to the elements and the packer is set. 
  • Hydromechanical setting method - Like all the packers in the Obex family, the Obex EcoLock packer is mechanically set and not inflated. The setting process does not rely on narrow hydraulic channels, which thereby eliminates the packoff risk found in expandable and inflatable packer options. Because there are no exposed setting chambers or yielded materials in the mechanical setting process, the Obex EcoLock packer can meet or exceed casing ratings to offer further increased dependability.
Obex EcoLock Packer Collar
Obex EcoLock Packer Collar

Obex EcoLock Packer Collar

Optional multiple-stage cementing capability

The Obex EcoLock packer can also support multiple-stage cementing when cementing ports and an internal closing sleeve are integrated into the packer above the sealing element. 


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