Drilling intelligence at the source 

First-of-its-kind Cerebro® in-bit sensors measure data directly at the bit, reducing the uncertainty of surface measurements. Cerebro sensors capture information related to vibration, weight, torque, pressure, and more, enabling operators to fully understand the environment they’re working in.

Case Study: permian basin

Cerebro Force™ In-Bit Sensing Helps Increase ROP by 20%

Downhole measurements were used to understand weight transfer from surface to downhole in lateral production section and how it impacts bit performance.

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In-Bit Sensors

Cerebro® In-Bit Sensor Package

Cerebro® In-Bit Sensor Package

Analyze and understand drill bit performance quicker and more efficiently with the Cerebro™ in-bit sensor.

Cerebro Force™ In-Bit Sensing

Cerebro Force™ In-Bit Sensing

The Halliburton Cerebro Force™ in-bit sensor improves drill bit performance, giving operators data needed to optimize use for the length of a run.

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