Get accurate and high-speed measurements on every run

The Cerebro in-bit sensor package captures continuous high-resolution data to provide operators with the most complete view of the downhole drilling environment, giving the most accurate information on what is happening at the bit.

Cerebro further advances our communication with the drill bit by capturing data as close to the cutting structure as possible.

VP of Drill Bits and Services

Cerebro® in-bit sensor package

New technology that obtains performance data directly from the drill bit.

 Cerebro® in-bit sensor package

Williston Basin | September 2019

In-bit measurement increases drilling efficiency

A North Dakota operator used Cerebro intelligent bit technology to reduce uncertainty and increase efficiency.

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Tool face locked in from the start, the fastest curve bit I’ve run.

Directional Driller, Williston Basin

Obtain and analyze data from the bit

The Cerebro data-capturing system captures the most complete picture of drill bit performance to understand where bit damage occurs and where inefficiencies are located. It measures a variety of data points, including lateral and axial vibration, torsional resonance, whirl, and stick-slip. 

From surface to final depth, operators are given the data they need to create a holistic picture of the drilling environment and make effective, data-driven decisions. 

Oklahoma | April 2019

Bit data improves ROP, decreases stick-slip

An Oklahoma operator used data collected by Cerebro to better understand bit conditions, reduce vibrations, and improve rate of penetration.

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