First-of-its-kind technology increases drilling efficiency

Built on the success of Cerebro® in-bit sensing technology, Cerebro Force™ provides direct, in-bit measurements of weight, torque, bending, vibration, and rotational speed. Utilizing these measurements, along with the Design at the Customer Interface (DatCISM) process, helps reduce or eliminate inefficiencies due to bit design, bottomhole assembly (BHA), and parameter selection.

Cerebro Force in-bit sensing provides the most critical drilling performance measurements at the optimal location within the BHA itself – with zero compromises to the BHA design and with low LIH risk.

case study: the woodford shale

In-bit sensing identifies drill bit dysfunction

Rapid analysis and recommendations result in significantly prolonged bit life and improved drilling performance.

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Cerebro Force Coloured MSE

Measurements at-bit provide new insights

Data taken from the surface lacks the fidelity to give operators a true understanding of the downhole environment. Cerebro Force reduces the uncertainty and gives more accurate information on downhole torque, drag, and mechanical specific energy.

Superior performance, no compromises

The sensor is integrated into the bit and does not impact bit-to-bend or bit-to-pad distances for directional performance.

Flexible design

Compact, integrated design is compatible with all BHA types, including motor and rotary steerable systems, and allows for use with any measurement-while-steering or logging-while-drilling system. 

Halliburton releases Cerebro Force™ in-bit sensor

Halliburton’s Cerebro Force sensor is a first-of-its-kind technology that captures weight, torque, and bending measurements directly from the bit.

Halliburton releases Cerebro Force™ in-bit sensor

Cerebro Force in-bit sensing means precise drilling

Provides operators with unmatched data capture capability on drilling forces experienced at the bit, delivering a clearer picture of the downhole drilling environment. Operators now have access to the most important drilling performance measurements, captured from within the drill bit which is the most critical location within the bottomhole assembly.



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