Innovative and reliable technology to imagine, design, build, and assess ESP design and performance

Cloud-based, cross-platform web application with online and offline capabilities streamlining and integrating several data sources, transforming trust-worthy insights into long-term ESP success.

ESP advanced software that optimizes the full potential of a well's production.

Easy to use. Fast. Intuitive. Trusted.

SpyGlass ESP pump-sizing software
SpyGlass ESP pump-sizing software

Easy to use

SpyGlass is a cloud-based ESP design and analysis software application that works on and adapts to any mobile device with seamless online and offline capabilities. Legacy customer data and designs are automatically loaded and easily filtered and cloned for the latest project.  An intuitive, customizable user interface with alerts and info tips guide the design and analysis process to ensure practical designs even with minimal inputs.

Data integrity and validation

Built on a foundation of trusted Summit ESP® engineering data, SpyGlass relies on a robust correlation suite of industry-defined algorithms that users can choose according to their unique production goals. SpyGlass is designed and built exclusively in-house with machine learning and artificial intelligence to ensure designs are based on solid engineering and performance data to leverage your greatest well bore performance.  

Analysis and reports

Customizable reports with dynamic scenario-driven embedded graphs and a schematic are easy to view and share for optimal online collaboration.

Design and build

Multivariate input analyses allow you to extract maximum value from data to quickly model various what-if scenarios for optimal performance, including power cost studies, even in complex designs. Our comprehensive performance evaluation function with expedited calculations allows you to quickly flex flows and pressures to evaluate the current health of ESP operations and production.


Our dedicated team supports you every step of the way, from the design and build phases to reporting and performance evaluations to help maximize production.


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