Abrasion and corrosion-resistant coatings

DuraHard® coatings protect against friction, abrasive, and corrosive conditions, providing longer pump run life.


Case Study: Alberta, Canada

DuraHard® Coatings

DuraHard™ Coatings Triple Pump Run Life in Extremely Abrasive Environment. Fewer workovers save an estimated $170,000 per well.

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DuraHard® 3: Basic reduced friction and corrosion-resistant coating

  • Patented multilayer process for complete coverage and enhanced bonding
  • Non-stick coating prevents scale and asphaltene build-up
  • Reduced friction on running surfaces for optimal performance

DuraHard® 7: Enhanced abrasion and corrosion-resistant coating 

  • High phosphorus nickel coating for added hardness of stage materials
  • Effective in high temperature, abrasive, and corrosive conditions
  • Protects ESP system in recently fractured and cased hole wells with sand issues

DuraHard® 15: Extreme abrasion and corrosion-resistant coating

  • Coating material creates molecular bond with base metal for hardness approaching carbide
  • Protects pumps from angular abrasive sands and quartz sand
  • Effective in extreme temperatures, highly abrasive, and corrosive environments