Making digital automation a reality across frac operations

Halliburton introduces Octiv®, an intelligent fracturing platform that enables frac automation, digital operations, and remote connectivity across all aspects of Halliburton’s hydraulic fracturing business.

The Octiv platform is at the core of Halliburton’s intelligent fracturing ecosystem. It applies digital automation to maximize the performance and efficiency of equipment and operations.

Octiv executes operations to plan, while optimizing equipment for extended life and increased reliability. It also introduces a new level of visibility through remote connectivity, enabling Halliburton and its customers to accelerate operational change.

Welcome to the digital frac site.

Octiv is more than simple task automation. Our fracture operations are digitally automated, including all processes and surface equipment. 

Octiv automates our spread to maximize performance and efficiency. It applies digital workflows that streamline how we operate, and it connects experts in field with decision makers at the office.

Digital frac site

Octiv is intelligent automation.

Octiv conducts an entire frac spread as a single, fully automated system that delivers greater equipment reliability and operational efficiency.

By integrating with thousands of sensors across a spread, Octiv executes to plan while continuously monitoring and responding to equipment health and well conditions.

Octiv applies digital workflows.

Octiv streamlines business processes by synchronizing efforts across operations, maintenance, engineering, and supply chain. From preliminary planning to execution, Octiv simplifies how we go to work every day.

Octiv enables remote connectivity.

Octiv introduces a new level of transparency to the frac site that connects decision makers to their operations through remote monitoring and control. It provides instant insight into job progress and analytics, while enabling collaboration between stakeholders across every asset.


Integrated, fully automated spread


Sensors monitored per spread


Tasks automated each stage


North America fleet upgraded

Intelligent automation to maximize efficiency

To achieve intelligent automation, each Halliburton spread is fitted with thousands of sensors across equipment, including engines, transmissions, fluid ends, and power ends.  Through live diagnostics across the entire spread, Octiv continuously measures and evaluates job conditions against plan parameters and control setpoints. It uses these insights to run our spread more efficiently and reliably.

Octiv continuously optimizes output during a frac job by balancing and redistributing the workload across units to achieve peak spread performance. By balancing the workload in a more intelligent manner, we preserve equipment health, optimize gas substitution, and execute more consistently. When you pair this with predictive health monitoring, it means longer maintenance intervals for us and less NPT due to equipment failure for our customers. 

Octiv intelligent algorithms also respond to complex hazards, such as screenouts, using advanced controls that automatically assess risk to mitigate them.

Digital workflows that enable consistency

Octiv applies digital automation to optimize the management, monitoring and analysis of fracture operations in real time. It applies digital workflows that minimize deviation and inconsistency in job execution by synchronizing efforts across operations, maintenance, engineering, and supply chain.  

Octiv simplifies fracture operations by streamlining task management and real-time job information into a single platform that connects the frac site to the office. And, this isn’t just for a single well. It’s for multiple wells across all operations, allowing us and our customers to be more efficient in how we manage operations.

Remote connectivity for greater control

Octiv introduces a new level of transparency to the frac site that connects expertise in the field with decision-makers at the office. This improved visibility lets critical personnel monitor and interact with operations easier and faster than ever before. 

It provides Halliburton greater transparency into the performance of our people and our equipment, while providing operators with a direct line of sight into job progress and information for confident, real-time decision making.


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