Delivering 5,000 hydraulic horsepower

Halliburton introduces the new ZEUS™ electric pumping unit, the industry’s first pumping unit capable of achieving sustained activity at 5,000 hydraulic horsepower (HHP). Unlike other pumps that tout 5,000–7,000 HHP but are only able to run at a fraction of capacity at significantly lower rates, a ZEUS pump delivers the horsepower it says it can.  

ZEUS provides instant and seamless rate changes without lag-time during rate transitions. It increases safety by controlling rate more accurately, especially during pressure testing. It also eliminates NPT associated with diesel engines, transmissions and hydraulics. 

ZEUS™ electric pumping unit consistently delivers 5,000 HHP at 22 BPM and 9,500 psi.
ZEUS™ electric pumping unit consistently delivers 5,000 HHP at 22 BPM and 9,500 psi.
Paired with our newly designed large-bore, dual-manifold trailer.
Paired with our newly designed large-bore, dual-manifold trailer.


Delivering performance 30 to 40 percent higher than other pumps

Unlike other pumping units that average between 2,000 to 3,000 HHP, a single ZEUS pump can consistently deliver 5,000 HHP at 22 BPM. 


  • Industry-leading pump design
  • Large-bore, dual-manifold trailer
  • Zero gallons of diesel consumed during pumping operations
  • 34% less footprint compared to conventional fracturing fleets
  • Eliminates NPT associated with diesel engines and transmissions

Grid-Powered Electric Fracturing

Halliburton delivers first successful grid-powered frac operation



Electric fracturing aligns with our goal to provide the industry with lower-carbon intensive solutions and our commitment to a sustainable energy future.

Shawn Stasiuk, VP Production Enhancement

Sustained hydraulic horsepower


Barrels per minute (BPM)


BPM Large-Bore Dual-Manifold


Reduced footprint

Achieve higher rate capacity

With its electric-based powertrain, the ZEUS pump allows you to pump higher rates with a smaller footprint – exceeding expectations on what is possible with electric technology. It allows for instant and seamless rate changes without lag times during rate transitions. In addition to eliminating NPT associated with diesel engines, transmissions, and hydraulics, the ZEUS pump also increases safety by controlling rates more accurately, especially during pressure testing.

Realize greater efficiency gains

The ZEUS electric pump comes paired with our newly designed large-bore, dual-manifold trailer. With the trend toward higher treating rates, this system offers fewer failure points, faster rig-up operations, and higher rate capacities – reaching up to 230 barrels per minute (BPM). This system is also built to perform and deliver the efficiency gains from simultaneous fracturing operations, which allows operators to complete more lateral footage in the same amount of time compared to current zipper-frac operations.

Benefit from an all-electric frac site

Halliburton’s all-electric fracturing components also include the new ExpressBlend™ blending system, a tech command center (TCC), wireline unit and ancillary equipment, such as location lighting and water transfer. 


In-Basin Observations: Chesapeake Energy Corporation

Daniel Energy Partners sits down with Chesapeake Energy to talk about a recent trip to the Marcellus to visit Halliburton’s electric frac fleet. Listen in as they share key benefits of the electric fleet and stats from their first pad in PA.

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