Premium, simple and economical valve design

The Halliburton NE™ tubing-retrievable safety valve (TRSV) is a single rod-piston non-elastomer flapper valve designed for general production with enhanced reliability and long life. The valve includes the non-elastomer hydraulic actuator design from the highly reliable SP™ line of safety valves. Along with the metal-to-metal (MTM) body joints and closure mechanism, the actuator places this valve in the premium category while keeping costs economical. The simple, compact design enhances the valve’s overall reliability and provides for trouble-free operation.


  • General production completions 
  • Hostile well environments incompatible with elastomers


  • Non-elastomer dynamic piston seals 
  • Simple compact design 
  • 100% metal-to-metal well containment in closed position 
  • Positive debris barrier at both ends of flow tube
  • No construction seals used in the lockout and communication system 
  • Unique flow tube construction prevents debris from settling on top of flow tube


  • Most field-proven and reliable hydraulic actuator in the industry 
  • Dynamic and static seals independently verified gas tight 
  • Verified MTM flapper sealing (no resilient seal required) 
  • Critical components isolated from well debris during production 
  • Minimized potential leak paths 
  • Optimal reliability

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