A revolutionary concept in the realm of surface-controlled subsurface safety valves

Unlike other tubing-retrievable safety valves (TRSVs), the DepthStar TRSV functions completely independent of well pressure, enabling operation at consistently low hydraulic pressures, and making it an ideal solution for deepwater, ultra-deepwater, high-pressure/high-temperature (HP/HT), and gas storage applications. 

The DepthStar TRSV incorporates a unique magnetic coupler that allows for positioning the hydraulic actuator out of the tubing wellbore, completely isolated from well fluids and pressure, providing 100% metal-to-metal sealing with no moving seals exposed to the well environment.

DepthStar® Tubing-Retrievable Safety Valve
DepthStar® Tubing-Retrievable Safety Valve

installations globally

5K psi

opening pressure


metal-to-metal sealing


  • No moving seals exposed to the tubing wellbore
  • 100% metal-to-metal sealing within the tubing wellbore
  • 100% isolation of hydraulic actuator piston from wellbore
  • Less than 5,000-psi maximum valve opening capability
  • Minimized number of body connections
  • Proven metal-to-metal, non-elastomer hydraulic actuator
  • Isolated flow tube


A complete deepwater solution

Industry's first TRSV with magnetic coupling enables safe operation at lower pressures, enhancing overall reliability and expanding opportunities.

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DepthStar Tubing-Retrievable Safety Valve

Designed with a magnetic-coupler to completely isolate the hydraulic operating system from the wellbore, removing setting depth constraints.

DepthStar Tubing-Retrievable Safety Valve

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