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At Sperry Drilling, we’re committed to helping you maximize the asset value of unconventional, deepwater and mature fields. Whatever your challenge, we collaborate with you to engineer the right directional drilling, measurement/logging-while-drilling or mud logging solution for your specific well application.

Drill to Produce

Comprehensive well design, accurate trajectory placement, wellbore quality and risk management for optimum drilling performance and reservoir contact to lower your drilling costs and improve your return on investment (ROI).

Enhance Reservoir Understanding

Accurate assessment and evaluation of rock and fluid properties and geological structures to reduce wellbore uncertainties and improve your well placement decisions.

Reduce Well Time

Mitigating risks by reacting to changing drilling conditions in real time and quickly identifying performance improvements to minimize downtime and maximize rate of penetration (ROP).

Our drilling and formation evaluation experts and field personnel bring decades of local basin experience to effectively help you lower well construction costs and optimize drilling performance, every step of the way.

Let us help you maximize the full value of your asset.

iCruise™ Intelligent Rotary Steerable System

iCruise™ Intelligent Rotary Steerable System

Introducing our new intelligent RSS designed to help you reduce well time and place wells accurately. 

iCruise™ Intelligent Rotary Steerable System
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Technical Papers

Learn about the latest technology breakthroughs from one of the energy industry’s top innovators.

Technical Papers - OnePetro

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Summary Summary Halliburton helped assess resource potential and optimize investment decision-making in shale plays
Asset evaluation and risk assessment of unconventional fields
Summary Summary How Halliburton beat a client’s drilling average by 43%, saving them more than $200,000.
Integrated bit, fluid and drilling services allowed Halliburton to model, measure and optimize continuously, saving 3.6 days.
Summary Summary GeoBalance® Barrier Spacer Prevents Commingling of Mud Cap
GeoBalance® Barrier Spacer Prevents Commingling of Mud Cap and BARADRIL-N® System During Trips in Horizontal Wellbore
Summary Summary Streamlined Well Construction Eliminates 71 Days of Rig Time, Saving Consortium USD 90 Million
Halliburton sets new deepwater benchmark in brazil's deepwater libra field
Summary Summary Project Management Service Utilizes Technologies to Deliver Wells Ahead of Schedule
An operator utilized Halliburton Project Management (HPM) to increase overall productivity while decreasing the overall risks involved in the development of wells in the Zubair field in Basra, Iraq.
Summary Summary Integrated Drilling and Logging Approach Maximizes Formation Reservoir Exposure
The Halliburton product service line’s 24/7 support – both in-house and within the integrated real-time operation center (iROC) – ensured that every wellbore section, including the depleted reservoir interval, was drilled with minimal fluid losses and that the wellbore was at total depth (TD) before the oil-water contact (OWC).
Summary Summary FlexRite® System Installation Sequence Sign in required
The FlexRite system is designed to create a level 5 junction for multilateral wells that require hydraulic pressure integrity at the junction using completion equipment.
Summary Summary ReFlexRite® Milled Exit Isolated Tie-Back Multilateral System Sign in required
The award-winning ReFlexRite® system from Halliburton is a re-entry multilateral solution that enables additional lateral branches to be added to existing wells where no preparations were originally made to accommodate a multilateral junction.
Summary Summary LatchRite® pre-milled window multilateral system reduces installation time and saves operator an estimated US$2.5 million Sign in required
A customer operating on a rigsite approximately 250 km from the Halliburton base in Nizhnevartovsk, Russia, sought to optimally produce an unconventional well by maximizing reservoir exposure after hydraulic fracturing operations had taken place in both the lateral and mainbore.
Summary Summary Papua New Guinea: AFR™ Sensor Delivers High-Resolution Images in Geologically Complex Well Sign in required
Acquire high-resolution structural and stratigraphic borehole images in a complex geological environment.
Summary Summary Canada: Accurate Geosteering Helps to Precisely Position a Wellbore in a Cyclic Steam Application for Optimized Oil Recovery Sign in required
Geosteer a horizontal well for precise wellbore placement in the heavy oil reservoir, 2 meters (6.6 feet) above a lower shale boundary.
Summary Summary Canada: GABI™ Sensor Provides At-Bit Technology to Help Maximize Reservoir Exposure and Increase Drilling Efficiency Sign in required
While drilling horizontal wells in the Cardium formation in Alberta, Canada, NAL Oil and Gas Trust needed to keep the wellbore within a 2 meter (6.6 feet) thick zone of interest to help maximize reservoir exposure.
Summary Summary Malaysia: Geo-Pilot® XL System Saves Time with Extended 12-1/4” Section Sign in required
Sperry Drilling services deployed a Geo-Pilot® XL 9600 series rotary steerable system with a long gauge Geo-Pilot FMF3553Z bit and a triple-combo of logging-while-drilling (LWD) tools for optimized drilling performance.
Summary Summary China: Managed Pressure Drilling Saves 18 Days of Drilling Time and Delivers Record Horizontal Sign in required
Tarim Oilfield Company (TOC) typically encountered lost circulation and frequent gas kicks while drilling horizontal wells in the Tazhong field, Tarim Basin.
Summary Summary Mexico: GeoBalance® Optimized Pressure Drilling Service Reduces Operational Costs by Controlling Bottom Hole Pressure and Borehole Instability Sign in required
An operator required a managed pressure drilling (MPD) operation to be performed in one of the highest producing oil fields in the central portion of the State of Tabasco, South Mexico. The deviated well is in a high-temperature environment (253° C / 487° F) with a naturally fractured formation. MPD was needed in a section of the well notorious for kick and lost circulation due to pressure regressions. The nearest offset well had experienced a kick and subsequently lost over 2500 barrels of mud.
Summary Summary Mexico / Asia: GeoBalance™ Managed Pressure Drilling Service Cuts Drilling Time in Half Sign in required
Two case histories: 1. GeoBalance Managed Pressure Drilling Service Cuts Drilling Time in Half 2. GeoBalance Underbalanced Drilling Service Minimizes Reservoir Damage and Increases Production
Summary Summary India: GeoBalance® Managed Pressure Drilling Service Helps Save Rig Time in Fractured Granite Sign in required
In particular, the 8 ½-inch hole lateral section proved difficult to support in the fractured formation, with well control and drilling problems increasing costs substantially. The operator sought a solution that would mitigate well control incidents and facilitate drilling of the critical production hole.
Summary Summary Comprehensive HSE and Risk Management Services for UBA Sign in required
Comprehensive HSE and Risk Management Services
Summary Summary GeoBalance® Underbalanced Well Construction Sign in required
Underbalanced well construction
Summary Summary Three-Phase Well Control and Separation System Sign in required
Halliburton’s advanced three-phase, closed-loop separation and well control system* is designed specifically for underbalanced drilling applications where on-site liquid separation is not required.
Summary Summary GeoBalance Managed Pressure Drilling Services Sign in required
Comprehensive equipment options for optimized pressure drilling solutions
Summary Summary GeoBalance® Four-Phase Well Control and Separation System Sign in required
Halliburton’s advanced four-phase, closed loop separation and well control system* is designed specifically for the challenges associated with underbalanced drilling.
Summary Summary RTRE™ Real-Time Reservoir Evaluation Sign in required
Real Time Operations for Faster, Smarter Decision Making and Improved Efficiency
Summary Summary GeoBalance® Managed Pressure Drilling Service Sign in required
A comprehensive MPD and drilling optimization solution
Summary Summary The Pressure Panacea (Oil & Gas Agenda April 2012) Sign in required
A few enthusiasts for managed pressure drilling (MPD) insist its acronym stands for ‘makes problems disappear’. Derrick Lewis, Halliburton’s global operations manager, GeoBalance Managed Pressured Drilling Service, understands the technology well.
Summary Summary Malaysia: GeoBalance® Pressurized Mud Cap Drilling Technology Delivers Safe and Efficient Drilling through Loss Prone Formations Sign in required
Using GeoBalance PMCD techniques enabled intermediate hole sections to be drilled in a controlled and safe manner resulting in significant cost savings to the operator from reduced non-productive rig time, and a reduction in drilling mud and loss treatment chemicals.
Summary Summary Halliburton sets world record in challenging multilateral application
Engineering capability further differentiates company for growing markets
Summary Summary MillRite® JI Milled Exit Multilateral System with Junction Isolation
The MillRite® JI system is part of the SperryRite® advanced reservoir drainage solutions from Sperry Drilling services. It is a combined multilateral drilling and completion system capable of constructing a high quality junction and also providing the required pressure isolation for selective stimulation.
Summary Summary Turbopower™ Turbodrills
Engineered to help operators maximize asset value by reducing well time and lowering cost per foot in hard and abrasive formations and high-temperature environments.
Summary Summary HP/HT: 6. Total
Halliburton continues to push the limits of HP/HT technologies and processes for increasing efficiency, recovery, safety and reliability
Summary Summary HP/HT: 3. Definition
UltraHT-230 redefines the standard, reliably taking operators to the next level
Summary Summary HP/HT: 1. Overview
Ultra High Temperature - the next fontier for oil and gas exploration
Summary Summary HP/HT: 2. Rethinking
UltraHT-230 M/LWD sensors
Summary Summary Quasar Trio® M/LWD Triple-Combo Service - Thailand R&M Facility Video
Learn the benefits of this service and take a quick tour of the R&M facility. (No audio.)
Summary Summary HP/HT: 5. Depth
UltraHT-230 sensors help make drilling less perilous, more productive and more cost effective than ever before
Summary Summary Geo-Pilot Rotary Steerable System Animation
Geo-Pilot Animation
Summary Summary HP/HT: 4. Testing
UltraHT-230 sensors tested for conditions well beyond anything available today
Summary Summary Oilfield Technology: Increasing Drilling Efficiency with Telemetry
Paul Cooper, PhD, Halliburton, USA, shows how high-speed telemetry can help increase drilling efficiency.
Summary Summary Aurora™ Service
Learn more about how to reduce SAGD costs with the industry-leading Aurora™ service
Summary Summary Survey Management Assessment
Can your drilling project be enhanced through optimized well placement?
Summary Summary Increasing Drilling Efficiency with Telemetry
Paul Cooper, PhD, Halliburton, USA, shows how high-speed telemetry can help increase drilling efficiency.
Summary Summary Geo-Span® Downlink Service
Communicate with downhole tools without impacting drilling
Summary Summary ALD™ Azimuthal Lithodensity Sensor Datasheet
Providing High-Quality Density Measurements and Formation Images
Summary Summary CTN™ Compensated Thermal Neutron Sensor
Identifying Complex Lithologies and Gas
Summary Summary Radian® Azimuthal Gamma Ray and Inclination Service
The Radian® azimuthal gamma ray and inclination service provides a cost-effective solution to geosteering challenges.
Summary Summary JetPulse® High-Speed Telemetry Service Datasheet
Datasheet for JetPulse High-Speed Telemetry Service
Summary Summary GeoTap Formation Pressure Tester
Providing Direct Formation Pressure Measurements on Demand
Summary Summary 9-1/2-inch ALD™ Azimuthal Lithodensity LWD Service
The 9-1/2-inch ALD™ azimuthal lithodensity logging-while-drilling (LWD) service from Halliburton is the industry’s first and only service capable of delivering azimuthal density and ultrasonic caliper measurements in real time in deepwater boreholes ranging from 14-1/2 inches to 17-1/2 inches.
Summary Summary M5™ Integrated LWD Service
Formation Evaluation and Drilling Optimization in One Compact Collar
Summary Summary Quasar Pulse M/LWD Service
The Quasar PulseSM measurement/logging-while-drilling (M/LWD) service delivers exceptional performance even at extreme temperatures, providing accurate and timely reservoir measurements for precise wellbore placement.
Summary Summary EWR®-PHASE 4™ Electromagnetic Wave Resistivity Sensor
EWR®-PHASE 4™ sensor is a high-frequency LWD induction resistivity sensor.
Summary Summary MRIL-WD™ Magnetic Resonance Imaging Sensor
Bound fluid, free fluid and total porosity in real time while drilling
Summary Summary ADR™ Azimuthal Deep Resistivity Sensor
The ADR azimuthal deep resistivity sensor combines a deep-reading geosteering sensor with a traditional multifrequency compensated resistivity sensor.
Summary Summary ABG™ At-Bit Gamma Sensor
At-bit gamma sensor
Summary Summary JetPack 3D™ Downhole Data Management Service
Datasheet for JetPack 3D Downhole Data Management Service
Summary Summary XBAT™ Azimuthal Sonic and Ultrasonic LWD Service
The XBAT LWD service delivers accurate acoustic measurements in a wide range of formations via sensors and electronics.
Summary Summary QBAT™ Multipole LWD Sonic Tool
Delivering Accurate Acoustic Measurements in the Widest Range of Formations
Summary Summary DGR™ Dual Gamma Ray Sensor
Providing Accurate and Reliable LWD Natural Gamma Ray Logs
Summary Summary AFR™ Azimuthal Focused Resistivity Sensor
The AFR™ sensor from Sperry Drilling services delivers high-resolution LWD borehole imaging for improved production, more accurate reserve estimates and better reservoir structure understanding.
Summary Summary GABI™ Downhole Drilling Motor
Motor equipped with at-bit azimuthal gamma ray and inclination measurements for improved geosteering and optimum wellbore placement
Summary Summary Aurora™ Surface-Access Magnetic Ranging Service - Sales Data Sheet
An industry first, the Aurora™ service, designed for SAGD applications, utilizes surface excitation to determine a ranging distance and direction relative to the drilling wellbore.
Summary Summary E&P Magazine - 2018 Offshore Technology Yearbook
Offshore Technology Aims at Lowering Breakeven Economics
Summary Summary World Oil: Turbodrills reduce well time and deliver lower cost per foot in hard and abrasive formations
Downhole turbines are a solution in hard and abrasive formations, otherwise inaccessible with conventional motors.
Summary Summary GasFact™ Gas Analysis Service
GasFact Showcase
Summary Summary 9 ½-inch ALD™ Azimuthal Lithodensity Logging-While-Drilling (LWD) Service Product Announcement
Sperry Drilling announces the release of the 9-1/2-inch Azimuthal Lithodensity (ALD™) service, providing real-time density measurements and images in boreholes up to 17-1/2 inches.
Summary Summary Geo-Span Downlinking System Animation
Summary Summary ADR™ Azimuthal Deep Resistivity
ADR Azimuthal Deep Resistivity Animation
Summary Summary 9½-inch ALD™ Azimuthal Lithodensity Logging-While-Drilling (LWD) Service OTC Award
The 9½-inch ALD™ Azimuthal Lithodensity Logging-While-Drilling (LWD) service features high-quality measurements of formation density and photoelectric (Pe) factor for reliable reservoir evaluation.
Summary Summary Aurora™ Surface-Access Magnetic Ranging Service
The Aurora™ service is the industry’s first surface-access active ranging service which deploys a magnetic source by connecting to the target wellhead via the surface instead of downhole, thus helping you place your wells accurately the first time and gain the greatest returns from your SAGD project.
Summary Summary EarthStar™ Ultra-Deep Resistivity Service
Michael Bittar, senior director of technology, discusses how EarthStar was developed and its advantages for operators.
Summary Summary AFR™ Azimuthal Focused Resistivity Sensor
AFR™ Azimuthal Focused Resistivity Sensor Animation
Summary Summary 3D Geosteering Enhances Reservoir Understanding in Complex Stratigraphic Environment
The Sperry Drilling “drill-to-produce” solution enabled the operator to accurately placethe well in the sweet spot and extend the lateral section for maximum reservoir contact.
Summary Summary World's First Extreme-High-Temperature LWD Triple-Combo Run
With extreme bottomhole static temperatures approaching 392°F (200°C), some of the wells in the Gulf of Thailand are among the hottest in the world – far beyond the reach of conventional measurement-while-drilling/logging-while-drilling(M/LWD) tools.
Summary Summary ONGC Reaches TD in Hard and Abrasive Formation 32 Days Ahead of Plan
Sperry Drilling sets new drilling record with Turbopwer™ Turbodrills and matched custom bit engineered solution.
Summary Summary Innovative Magnetic Ranging Solution Saves Over USD 200,000 on Complex P&A Project
Sperry Drilling was selected to accurately steer a sidetrack well, providing precisemeasurement of distance and direction to the casing of the target well.
Summary Summary Petroboscan Obtains Real-Time Formation Pressure Data and Extends Production in a Mature Field
Sperry Drilling collaborated with the operator and providedreservoir insight and LWD expertise on reliable formationpressure measurement capabilities using its GeoTap® LWD formation tester service.
Summary Summary Operator Maximizes Asset Value in Extreme-High-Temperature Wells
Quasar Trio® M/LWD Triple-Combo service reduces well time in 24-slot platform operation.
Summary Summary Engineered Solution Maximizes Drilling in Pre-Salt Carbonate Formation, Saving USD 833,000
The Turbopower turbodrill used in conjunction with the TurboForce diamond-impregnated bit drilled 948 feet (289 meters) in just 93.2 drilling hours, achieving an ROP of 10.2 feet/hour (3.1 meters/hour).
Summary Summary Operator Drills Gulf of Thailand’s Longest Openhole Production Section...
Quasar Trio® M/LWD Triple-Combo Service reduces well time in extreme-temperature well
Summary Summary Operator Identifies Bypassed Pay and Increases Pay Zone by 50% in Water-flooded Reservoir
Earthstar™ Ultra-Deep Resistivity Service Maximizes Asset Value in Mature Carbonate Field
Summary Summary RoxC™ Geosteering Software Demonstration
Demonstration of RoxC™ geosteering software for real-time reservoir insight.
Summary Summary EarthStar™ Ultra-Deep Resistivity Service - (Russian)
The EarthStar™ ultra-deep resistivity service illuminates and maps reservoir and fluid boundaries more than 200 feet (61 meters) from the wellbore. In deepwater and mature fields, this technology helps operators to maximize asset values and plans for future field developments by mapping pockets of hydrocarbons, allowing for real-time steering decisions, and eliminating costly pilot holes and sidetracks.
Summary Summary Буровые долота GeoTech® (GTi)
У буровых долот Halliburton и сервисов были разработаны сверла PDC для повышения производительности с помощью интеллектуальной поворотной управляемой системы iCruise ™ (RSS).
Summary Summary Интеллектуальная роторная управляемая система iCruise™
Простой и надежный, интеллектуальный RSS iCruise разработан с использованием самых высоких механических характеристик на рынке, помогая операторам сократить время работы и максимизировать скорость проникновения (ROP) в нетрадиционные, зрелые поля и глубоководные среды.
Summary Summary GeoTech® (GTi) Drill Bits
The Halliburton Drill Bits and Services has engineered PDC drill bits to maximize performance with the iCruise™ intelligent rotary steerable system (RSS).
Summary Summary iCruise™ Intelligent Rotary Steerable System
The new iCruise™ intelligent rotary steerable system is automation-enabled to place wells accurately and reduce well time through fast drilling, accurate steering, improved reliability, and predictable results.
Summary Summary Gulf of Mexico: SlickBore® System and ADT® Service Sets Records
Halliburton's SlickBore® Matched Drilling System and ADT® Drilling Optimization Service Sets World Footage and Endurance Record for BP in the Tuscaloosa Trend
Summary Summary Operator Saves USD 450.000 in Abrasive, High-Temperature Well
An operator was drilling a gas wellthrough the very hard, abrasive, and high-temperature kaolinitesiltstone formation. The well was proving to be one of the mostchallenging high-temperature applications. The operator challenged Sperry Drilling to drill the 6-inch vertical section of the S-shaped well faster, safer, and on target through the formation.
Summary Summary Mexico: PEMEX geodirige el pozo de bajo balancecon tuberías de perforación “cableadas” de alta velocidad Sign in required
La compañía de petróleo propiedad del estado, PEMEX, recientemente finalizó la perforación del primer pozo en el mundo utilizando una nueva exitosa interfaz entre LWD, MWD y las herramientas del sistema de dirección giratoria (RSS) de Sperry Drilling Services y un único sistema de telemetría de tubería de perforación “cableada” de IntelliServ Inc., una división de Grant Prideco.
Summary Summary Sperry Remote Operations Center™ (ROC™) in Saudi Arabia Sign in required
On a multi-well project, leveraging knowledge and experience gained on other projects in the area to timely detect problems, prevent damage to wells, and continue drilling on schedule.
Summary Summary Alaska, USA: Pioneer Natural Resources Uses Active Magnetic Ranging to Avoid Risk ofWellbore Collision
The Oooguruk project, three miles off the coast of Alaska’s North Slope, is a six-acre island built by Pioneer Natural Resources Co. to enable drilling operations in the Arctic Ocean.
Summary Summary TOTAL S.A. Drills to Record Depths in HP/HT Well and Saves USD 5 Million
Engineered MWD/LWD solution delivers reliable measurements in extreme temperature environment
Summary Summary Middle East: Middle Eastern Oil Company Saves $450,000 Field Testing the InSite AFR™ Sensor Sign in required
By eliminating unnecessary runs, use of the InSite AFR sensor in three horizontal wells saved about nine days of rig time worth approximately $450,000. Also the sensor clearly revealed numerous geologic features.
Summary Summary EarthStar™ Ultra-Deep Resistivity Service
The EarthStar™ ultra-deep resistivity service illuminates and maps reservoir and fluid boundaries more than 200 feet (61 meters) from the wellbore.
Summary Summary iCruise® Intelligent Rotary Steerable System
Controlling the direction and deviation of the wellbore while drilling is essential for
Summary Summary Operator Maximizes Lateral Well Contact in Complex Mid-Continent Reservoir
Halliburton Sperry Drilling recommended deploying
Summary Summary Turbopower™ Turbodrills
The Turbopower™ turbodrill is the best turbine drilling motor for customers experiencing high NPT due to frequent tripping for motor failure and bit wear because the all-metal design and system matched diamond impregnated bit keep the bit on the bottom drilling to reach target depth in one run and lower the cost per foot.
Summary Summary Thailand: SOLAR® M/LWD Services Used on Thousands of High-Temperature Wells in the Gulf of Thailand
SOLAR® M/LWD Services Used on Thousands of High-Temperature Wells in the Gulf of Thailand
Summary Summary LOGIX™ Automated Drilling Director Demonstration
Demonstration of LOGIX™ drilling advisory software that provides steering decisions to meet well plan objectives.
Summary Summary Malaysia: Optimized Drilling Solution Key in Guiding Record-Length Horizontal Hole to Difficult Target
The primary challenge in this well was drilling a transition zone while remaining eight meters (26 feet) above the oil/water contact (OWC) and five meters (16.5 feet) below OWC.
Summary Summary United Kingdom: Active Performance Benchmarking with Halliburton's MaxActivity™ Analysis Tool Facilitates Step-Change Performance for Operator and Saves $20 Million
The operator needed to improve well delivery and achieve top quartile (TQ)performance by identifying gaps and driving opportunities.
Summary Summary North Sea: Geo-Pilot® GXT Rotary Steerable System Helps Double ROP
In a gas condensate development well in the UK central North Sea, an operator needed to drill through the hard Upper Cretaceous Chalk Group of formations with the highest rate of penetration (ROP) possible while performing constant directional work.
Summary Summary Brazil: Turbopower™ Turbodrill Delivers Field Record ROP in Pre-Salt Carbonates and Saves Three Days of Rig Time
In spite of the poor drillability of the challenging formation, the Sperry Turbopower turbine delivered the fastest ROP in the pre-salt of this field, drilling the 8-1/2-inch hole 348 meters to total depth in 79.55 hours, achieving a field record ROP of 4.4 m/hr and saving the operator three days of rig time.
Summary Summary Malaysia / GOM / Norway: GeoTap®/Geo-Pilot® Malaysia/GOM/Norway Solution Profile
Three case histories: 1. GeoTap Formation Tester Allows TorqueReduction While Dramatically Improving ROP2. GeoTap® Slimhole LWD Formation Tester and Geo-Pilot® Rotary SteerableSystem Get Pressure Answers In High-Risk Sidetrack3. GeoTap® Tester Increases Reservoir Section and Adds $13 Million of New Oil Production
Summary Summary British Columbia, Canada: LaserStrat® Service Helps Double Production
Devon Canada was drilling shallow horizontal gas wells and needed a cost-effective solution that could reliably geosteer in the limestone reservoir interval.
Summary Summary Papua New Guinea: AFR™ Sensor Helps Major Operator Isolate Problematic Shale Formation, Saving Valuable Rig Time
In the Antelope field, Total needed to accurately pick the 9-5/8-inch casing point in the uppermost portion of a fractured carbonate reservoir above a total loss transition zone, while being able to isolate the reactive and over-pressurized shale above the reservoir.
Summary Summary Oman: Operator Locates Top of Fish Target with ABI™ Sensor
An operator working in a mature field in Oman attempted to drill a deviated well, but, while drilling the 8½-in. (215.9-mm) buildup section, the bottomhole assembly (BHA) became stuck for approximately a month.
Summary Summary Gulf of Mexico Geo-Pilot® Dirigo 11K RSS delivers higher torque capabilities in large hole sections of deepwater well
In this deepwater Gulf of Mexico well, three large hole sections were planned with the secondand third intervals penetrating a massive salt section, which would require excellent torqueand steering management.
Summary Summary China: Geo-Pilot® XL System for Soft Formations Saves Operator Three Days of Rig Time and Helps Increase Production by Over 47%
Deliver a fishbone well with an open-hole sidetrack for increased oil roduction in a very soft formation.
Summary Summary Middle East: Remote Operating Centers Successfully Optimize Geosteering Efforts to Maximize Exposure in Extremely Thin Clastic Reservoir
An operator drilling through complex shale and sand formations required accurate real-time information to navigate to a sandstone target zone of a mere three feet true vertical depth, sandwiched between two shale zones.
Summary Summary Canada: Accurate Geosteering Helps to Precisely Position a Wellbore in a Cyclic Steam Application for Optimized Oil Recovery
Geosteer a horizontal well for precise wellbore placement in the heavy oil reservoir, 2 meters (6.6 feet) above a lower shale boundary.
Summary Summary Mexico: Optimized Hole Enlargement while Drilling with the Geo-Pilot® System and XR™ Reamer Tool Saves Time for PEMEX
PEMEX needed to drill and enlarge a hole section while performing sidetrack operations.
Summary Summary Norway: Hydro Uses ADR Sensor for Optimal Well Placement
InSite ADR® Sensor case history, Hydro, North Sea
Summary Summary North Sea: Halliburton Increases Hole Quality and Saves Time in North Sea
The operator wanted to avoid poor hole quality because of the problems with installing liners and the increasedlikelihood of casing failures.
Summary Summary Mexico: PEMEX Uses Geo-Pilot® XL System and XR Reamer Tool to Drill in Challenging Plastic Shale Formation
PEMEX needed to drill and enlarge a hole section from the vertical kickoff, building from zero to 35 degrees in a 12 ¼ x 17 ½ inch hole section, in a plastic shale formation.
Summary Summary West Africa: InSite AFR™ Sensor Delivers High-Resolution Images for Reservoir Fracture Characterization
Acquire high-resolution borehole images while drilling the wells to characterize the fractures and rock texture in order to predict injector performance.
Summary Summary Oman: Matched Geo-Pilot® System and Long-Gauge Bit Shave 2 Days off the Drilling Curve in Oman
Sperry Drilling services deployed the Geo-Pilot® 7600 series rotary steerablesystem with a Geo-Pilot FMFX651Z bit from DBS for improvedrates of penetration (ROP) and optimum borehole quality.
Summary Summary Angola: Geo-Pilot® XL 9600 RSS Delivers Record Footage in Single Run and Saves $1.5 Million
From a platform in 1,200 feet of water, the objective was to drill a new producer well to 22,698 ft. MD at 73.5° of inclination,evaluate the well with a logging-while-drilling quad combo (LWD), and obtain 25 planned pressure points using a GeoTap®pressure tester.
Summary Summary USA, Oklahoma: Turbopower™ Turbodrills Deliver High Build-Rate Curve and Lateral through Abrasive Grante Wash
In this well, the operator challenged Sperry Drilling services to provide a solution that would achieve the necessary build rate in the curve to land the well at proper depth, and drill the lateral section with minimal directional corrections – drilling both sections as fast as possible while delivering good hole quality.
Summary Summary Oklahoma, USA: Geo-Pilot® GXT System and DrillDOC® Tool Help Improve Drilling Performance in Shale Reservoir
An operator in Oklahoma recently saved three days of drilling time by using a drilling solution provided by Sperry Drilling comprised of a Geo-Pilot® GXT rotary steerable system and a DrillDOC® drilling optimization tool.
Summary Summary Marcellus Shale, USA: SperryDrill® XL Motor Drills First Single-Run 8 ½-Inch Hole Sections in Marcellus Shale Wells
In this unconventional shale gas play, the operator wanted to minimize Authorization for Expenditure (AFE) and drive better economics by eliminating costly trips and additional equipment associated with multiple runs. In order to accomplish this, the operator challenged Sperry Drilling services to deliver a new well architecture, featuring a lengthy low-angle tangent to create displacement without sacrificing valuable lateral in zone.
Summary Summary Congo: First Use of Electromagnetic Telemetry in Offshore Environment Optimizes Drilling Operations and Saves Time
An operator wanted to use an aphron-based mud system to help prevent fluid losses while drilling in a depleted, low-pressure reservoir. Acquiring data using conventional positive or negative mud pulse measurement-while-drilling (MWD) tools would have been difficult or impossible.
Summary Summary USA, Alaska: Geo-Pilot® Rotary Steerable Systems Help Deliver Extended Reach Well 8.3 Days Ahead of Schedule
Drill an extended reach well targeting a section of reservoir originally designed to be reached from a drilling pad yet to be constructed.
Summary Summary Brunei: ADT® Optimization Service Helps Ensure Critical Hole Cleaning, Cuts NPT in Long ERD Well
In order to deliver their production requirements for the year, an operator needed to successfully drill and case a 20,000-foot (6,096-meter) extended reach well located offshore Brunei in 108 feet (33 meters) of water. Because hole cleaning is always a challenge in Extended Reach Drilling (ERD) wells, the operator sought risk management support related to hole cleaning and friction factor monitoring that would ensure the well reached planned target depth (TD).
Summary Summary USA, North Dakota: Planning, Collaboration and an Optimized Drilling Performance Deliver Record-Breaking Extended Reach Unconventionals Wells in Bakken/Three Forks
An operator's objective was to drill two extended reach wells, followed by drilling three more wells with 50 percent longer laterals
Summary Summary Kazakhstan: Sperry Geo-Pilot Rotary Steerable System Helps Deliver Customer's Deepest, Fastest Well in Karachaganak
Delivered using the Geo-Pilot system to provide verticality withoutcompromising ROP, both wells set new field records, with well 9822 finishing 14 days ahead of schedule, and well 9828 achieving a field-record depth as well as finishing 15 days ahead of objective.
Summary Summary GasFact™ Gas Analysis Service
Enhanced gas extraction, detection, and analysis for rapid, reliable fluid characterization. Delivers reservoir insight and enhances reservoir understanding.
Summary Summary LithoFact® Rock Analysis Service
Whole-rock analysis for reservoir insight, precise stratigraphic placement, and maximum reservoir contact
Summary Summary DrillFact™ Real-Time Monitoring Service
Precise drilling measurements for enhanced decision-making and drilling performance
Summary Summary Canada, Alberta: Real-Time Geosteering Delivers Optimal Wellbore Placement in Thin Coal Reservoir
An operator drilling a coalbed methane well in the Swan Hills area of Alberta, Canada needed to stay at the bottom of a thin reservoir to enable maximum production of methane gas. The reservoir was only 1.8 meters (6 feet) thick, and it was very important to place the well as low in the reservoir as possible without exiting.
Summary Summary South East Asia: Quasar Pulse℠ M/LWD service saves customer approximately USD 1 Million
An operator wanted to reduce costs and achieve logging objectives on high-temperature wells drilled from a jack up rig in 243 feet (74 meters) of water, offshore South East Asia, where bottomhole temperatures are among the highest in the world.
Summary Summary USA, North Dakota Bakken: Operator Achieves More Accurate Wellbore Placement Using a New Azimuthal Gamma Ray Service
An operator in North Dakota’s Middle Bakken shale formation sought a solution that would enable effective drilling and geosteering in a formation with little gamma ray variation, while minimizing drilling costs.
Summary Summary U.K. Offshore: Operator Saves Significant Rig Time by Gathering Complete Formation Evaluation Data in Real Time
In an offshore U.K. well, an operator needed to obtain a complete formation evaluation (FE) data set to measure reservoir and overburden characteristics in a deviated well.
Summary Summary Thailand: Optimized Geosteering Solution Delivers Maximum Reservoir Exposure in Geometrically-Complicated Environment
Precisely place two horizontal well bores without exiting the reservoir.
Summary Summary Azerbaijan: Geo-Pilot® System Sets New Caspian Record
BP needed to drill a well through a difficult section of formation well knownto cause tool-damaging vibration.
Summary Summary Haynesville Shale LA, USA: ExtremeHT-200™ M/LWD Sensors Help Operator Save Over US$145,000
An operator in the Louisiana Haynesville shale play required reliable and accurate measurement/logging-while-drilling (M/LWD) data while drillling horizontal wells in an extreme high temperature environment.
Summary Summary Mexico: Sperry Delivers Vertical Well with Rotary Steerable and Saves Pemex US$ 1.4 Million
Petróleos Mexicanos (PEMEX) needed to drill a vertical exploratory well to define the boundary of the offshore Kayab field. Maintaining verticality would pose a significant challenge, as the formation presented a high tendency to cause deviation while drilling.
Summary Summary Gulf of Mexico: Extended-Gauge Bit Coupled with Rotary Steerable System Allowed Interval Completion in One Run, Reducing Drilling Time
ChevronTexaco needed to achieve extraordinary hole quality in order to obtain accurate data from logging-while-drilling (LWD) and wireline sensors.
Summary Summary Mexico: PEMEX Saves Over US$30 Million on Cantarell Well by Using a Matched System
PEMEX planned to drill a well in 228 days, but by implementingHalliburton’s matched drilling solution, drilling time was reduced by 121 days.
Summary Summary Brazil: Devon Energy Saves over US$ One Million with Matched Drilling Solution
Devon Energy sought to decrease operational time while drilling an extended reach directional well from an offshore platform in the Polvo Field.
Summary Summary South Asia: Short Radius Drilling Technology Enhances Production in Depleted Fields
The operator of a mature offshore oil field was seeking an economical solution for their field redevelopment project to access bypassed reserves and increase oil production.
Summary Summary Norway: Matched Drilling System Delivers Record Run and Helps North Sea Operator Saves over Twenty Days on Reservoir Section
An operator wanted to drill the entire 8 ½-inch x 9 ½-inch reservoir section of a North Sea well in one trip, using one bottom-hole-assembly (BHA) fromjust below the 10 ¾-inch shoe at 3,638 meters (11,936 feet) to the target depth of 7,065 meters (23,179 feet).
Summary Summary Malaysia: Geo-Pilot® XL System and StrataSteer® 3D Geosteering Service Help Save US$ 812,000 in a Thin Sand Reservoir
Geo-Pilot® XL Systemand StrataSteer® 3DGeosteering Service HelpSave US$ 812,000 in aThin Sand Reservoir
Summary Summary New Zealand: Geo-Pilot® System Delivers Early “First Oil” While Reducing Operational Costs
An operator of the offshore Maari Field in New Zealand required an optimized drilling solution for precise wellbore placement that would bring production on stream quickly and cost-effectively
Summary Summary Canada, British Colombia: Mercury™ Electromagnetic Telemetry System Helps Save Time in Delivery of Extended Reach Shale Gas Well
An operator working in the Horn River Basin, the largest shale gas field in Canada, was drilling an extended reach well with high downhole temperatures expected. The Horn River Basin is a very remote area where drilling costs are high, compelling the operator to look for an optimized drilling solution to reduce the days spent to deliver a well in this harsh environment.
Summary Summary Mexico: Matched System Helps PEMEX Save over US$20 Million on Deepwater Gulf of Mexico Well
PEMEX, the national oil company of Mexico, planned to drill a 3,590 meter (11,778 feet) deepwater vertical exploration well in the Holok Field, located in the Gulf of Mexico, in 125 days. The faulting and structural traps in the Holok field are challenging and can affect the ability to deliver a vertical well.
Summary Summary Norway: Onshore Drilling Center Achieves Immediate Success
Improve geosteering decisions and well placement while better utilizing personnel.
Summary Summary Saudi Arabia: Matched System Delivers Increased ROP and Zero NPT for Field Record in Saudi Arabia
Challenge: Excel on performance to safely and economically drill a vertical lump sum turnkey well in the Shedgum Field.
Summary Summary Gulf of Mexico: Geo-Pilot® System Sets New Gulf of Mexico Longest Run Record
Unocal case history
Summary Summary Malaysia: Matched Drilling System Helps Deliver Record Horizontal and Save Operator US$ 1.2 Million
The operator required precise wellbore placement within the target sand at a proposed target depth of 1,168 meters (3,382 feet) true vertical depth (TVD).
Summary Summary Multilateral Workover Tools
Multilateral workover tools are used in casing re-entry or through-tubing re-entry applications. They aredesigned specifically to allow access into the laterals or lower mainbore to perform workover operations.The installation methods range from jointed pipe, coil tubing, or wireline.
Summary Summary LRW™ Lateral Re-entry Whipstock
This tool allows re-entry to the lateral for clean up, stimulation or data acquisition.
Summary Summary LRW-SL™ Self-Locating Lateral Re-entry Whipstock
A self-locating key on the LRW-SL whipstock allows installation in a conventionally milled window junction on jointed pipe.
Summary Summary TEW™ Tubing Exit Whipstock
Eliminates the need to pull the completion tubing to access laterals and allows workover tools run on coiled tubing or wireline to enter the laterals.
Summary Summary MillRite® Milled Exit Multilateral System (TAML Level 2 or 4)
The MillRite® junction is constructed using a track-guided milling system creating a consistent, geometrically controlled window to create a high-strength TAML Level 4 junction.
Summary Summary Multilateral Milled Exit Systems
Halliburton offers junction construction systems where all lateral exits are geometrically milled downhole. Our multilateral milled exit systems can be used in both new and re-entry well applications, and all include innovative designs to ensure maximum payouts from lateral construction.
Summary Summary ExitRite® Conventional Milling System
The single-trip casing milling system creates an economical TAML Level 2 multilateral junction and can be run on a standard mechanical anchor or with Sperry’s patented Latch Coupling technology.
Summary Summary ReFlexRite® Milled Exit Isolated Tie-Back Multilateral System (TAML Level 5)
The multilateral system has applications in both new and existing wells. The window exit is constructed with the MillRite system and the junction is completed with the FlexRite system.
Summary Summary Multilateral Pre-Milled Window Systems
Used in new well applications, these junction construction systems incorporate a pre-milled window jointand an orienting Latch Coupling. The Latch Coupling is the primary index providing precise depthcontrol and azimuthal orientation to ensure guaranteed, repeatable re-entry of the lateral. No downholemilling is necessary to create the lateral exit, resulting in easy window opening and no steel debris. Costlymilling and clean-out trips are eliminated.
Summary Summary FlexRite® Isolated Tie-Back Multilateral System (TAML Level 5)
The FlexRite system offers through-tubing intervention and lateral re-entry with separate workover capabilities.
Summary Summary LatchRite® Pre-Milled Window Multilateral System (TAML Level 2 or 4)
The LatchRite® junction construction system provides a high-strength TAML Level 4 junction with sand control and full gauge access to the lateral and lower mainbore.
Summary Summary IsoRite® Isolated Multilateral Completion System
The IsoRite® system provides a completion window system equipped with landing profiles and seal bores that enable setting of deflectors for lateral access or isolation sleeves for lateral control.
Summary Summary Multilateral Completion Systems
Multilateral applications pose a distinct set of production challenges - and Halliburton offers specially designed completion systems that allow re-entry access into laterals and lower mainbore, along with isolation and flow control of laterals and lower main zones.
Summary Summary FlexRite® Multibranch Inflow Control (MIC) System (TAML Level 5)
The FlexRite® Multibranch Inflow Control (MIC) system is the newest variant of the award-winning FlexRite isolated tie-back system, allowing a multilateral well to be completed with sand screens, swellable packers, Inflow Control Devices (ICDs) and Interval Control Valves (ICVs) to help maximize production from each multilateral leg.
Summary Summary FloRite® Multi-String Multilateral Completion System (TAML Level 5)
The FloRite® system is specifically designed for wells that require full junction pressure isolation while allowing re-entry capability to access the laterals through the completion.
Summary Summary Multilateral Systems
Halliburton multilateral systems can help enhance reservoir management and increase production capability with reductions in overall development costs.
Summary Summary AGS™ Adjustable Gauge Stabilizer Tool
Allows changes in the build or drop tendencies of directional drilling assemblies in rotary mode without tripping to reposition stabilizers or change the gauge.
Summary Summary Sledgehammer™ Hydromechanical Drilling Jar
Reduces downtime and is suited for hot-hole applications and extended-reach drilling.
Summary Summary Shock Tool
Reduces bit bounce and increases rate of penetration and bit life under the toughest drilling conditions.
Summary Summary DrillingXpert™ Software
Halliburton’s DrillingXpert™ software provides the ability to design an entire drilling system in one advanced software package.
Summary Summary Drilling Engineering Solutions
DES takes integration to the next level, bringing together the experts, software and technology from Sperry Drilling, Baroid, and DBS to engineer customized solutions.
Summary Summary Density Logging
These tools measure the formation density. Porosity and matrix and fluid densities can be estimated.
Summary Summary Real-Time Services
Real Time Services uses software that shows reservoir modeling to predict reservoir flow and permeability while drilling. This enables the assets' true productivity to be determined.
Summary Summary Electromagnetic Telemetry (EMT) System
EMT system allows data transmission without a continuous fluid column, providing an alternative to negative and positive pulse systems.
Summary Summary MWD/LWD Telemetry Systems
Sperry Drilling services offers four MWD/LWD telemetry systems: positive mud pulse, annular venting mud pulse, electromagnetic and via wired drillpipe.
Summary Summary IXO Interface
The IXO Interface from Sperry Drilling services provides two-way communication between downhole LWD sensors and the surface at speeds up to 10,000X faster than current mud pulse telemetry rates. The IXO Interface is the link that connects the Sperry LWD system to NOV's IntelliServ® Network.
Summary Summary Mud-Pulse Telemetry Services
The mud pulse systems use valves to modulate the flow of drilling fluid in the bore of the drillstring, generating pressure pulses that propagate up the column of fluid inside the drillstring and then are detected by pressure transducers at the surface.
Summary Summary Constant Volume Extractor (CVE )
On-site real-time formation fluid analysis: Analyze drilling mud-contained gases to make reliable predictions on formation fluid type.
Summary Summary Gas Analysis
During the drilling process any gas present in the rock cuttings or exposed formation can be released into the drilling fluid.
Summary Summary Surface Data Logging
Halliburton’s Surface Data Logging from Sperry Drilling ensures you get the best information from your well, so you make better drilling decisions, faster.
Summary Summary MaxActivity™ Rig Floor Activity Monitoring Software
MaxActivity™ innovative time/depth software tracks and times rig floor activities (trips in and out of the hole, circulating, drilling and connection operations) giving operators the information they need to pinpoint and address problems that consume time and erode profits.
Summary Summary Cuttings Analysis
By analyzing the concentration of specific elements in the reservoir rock, the composition of the reservoir can be determined.
Summary Summary VertiSteer™ Vertical Drilling Tool
The VertiSteer™ tool is a mechanical drilling technology with vertical correction capability used to achieve and maintain a vertical wellbore path without intervention.
Summary Summary Directional Drilling Software
Sperry Drilling offers directional drilling software as part of our InSite® data management service to help operators cope with the growing complexity of directional wells, both highly technically challenging and very costly.
Summary Summary SlickBore® Matched Drilling Service
The service utilizes an extended-gauge bit design based on a nonaggressive cutting structure typified by small, densely positioned cutters with high back-rake angles to improve steerability.
Summary Summary Turbopower™ Turbodrills
Turbopower™ turbodrills help to reduce well time and lower costs-per-foot in hard and abrasive formations, and high-temperature environments.
Summary Summary Geo-Pilot® Duro™ Rotary Steerable System
The Geo-Pilot Duro is a rotary steerable system (RSS) engineered for improved durability and performance in harsh environments, where optimal drilling efficiency, trip time, and mud-loss control are essential.
Summary Summary Rotary Steerable Solutions
Rotary steerable technology has enabled tremendous gains in directional drilling efficiency, achieving faster rates of penetration, optimizing hole quality and wellbore placement, enhancing deliverability of reservoirs in expanding geologic settings.
Summary Summary Geo-Pilot® Rotary Steerable Systems
Geo-Pilot® Rotary Steerable Systems deliver high borehole quality for extended-reach drilling and soft formations in deepwater and offshore environments.
Summary Summary Borehole Size Monitoring
Borehole size monitoring
Summary Summary Drilling Optimization Software
Drilling Optimization Software
Summary Summary Optimization Services
Optimization Services
Summary Summary Hydraulics Management
Hydraulics management focuses on; maintaining annular pressures within wellbore pressure boundaries, optimizing hole cleaning and clean-up cycles, optimizing circulating system pressures, and maximizing ROP without exceeding mud weight windows optimizing tripping time
Summary Summary Drillstring Integrity
Drillstring integrity focuses on prevention of mechanical overload protection from fatigue, and minimizing excessive shock and vibration.
Summary Summary Wellbore Integrity
Wellbore integrity focuses on defining upper and lower wellbore pressure limits and identifying the optimum mud weight window.
Summary Summary Logging-While-Drilling (LWD)
Halliburton delivers the highest quality borehole, early and accurate Logging-While-Drilling (LWD) formation evaluation, optimal wellbore placement, and maximum reservoir drainage. We continue to lead the industry with the widest array of MWD/LWD technologies.
Summary Summary Measurement-While-Drilling (MWD)
Sperry leads the industry with the widest array of MWD/LWD technologies achieved through our focus on formation evaluation - acquiring early, accurate, and reliable reservoir measurements during or after the drilling process.
Summary Summary DDSr™ Drillstring Dynamics Sensor
Measures downhole vibration to help avoid or eliminate damaging stress to tools, motors, bits, etc.
Summary Summary SOLAR® Suite of MWD/LWD Service
Deliver exceptional MWD/LWD performance and accurate reservoir measurements under extreme-temperature downhole conditions
Summary Summary Drilling
Halliburton's drilling technologies work together to help lower costs and increase recoveries. We design drilling programs that pay dividends through time saved, better completions, higher production rates, and less overall major capital expenditures.
Summary Summary Connection Flow Monitor Software (CFM)
Automated Mud Flow Characterization for Early Detection of Kicks and Wellbore Breathing: Provides early detection of changing conditions and triggers alarms to alert the engineer.
Summary Summary EWS Early Warning System
Allows rapid response to any unpredicted change in the mud flow or standpipe pressure.
Summary Summary Drilling Optimization
By gathering and interpreting critical data acquired from surface and downhole sensors, we can guide you through specialized applications that will optimize your drilling program.
Summary Summary Quasar Trio™ M/LWD Triple-Combo Service
Retrieve LWD triple-combo FE data of resistivity, density, and porosity in 200°C environments
Summary Summary Passive Magnetic Ranging
Passive magnetic ranging (PMR) is the analysis of distance and direction to a static magnetic field signal source (passive magnetic). This is the magnetic field from a metal pipe in a target well.
Summary Summary Active Magnetic Ranging
Active magnetic ranging (AMR) technology is comprised of two main components: current injection and a downhole sensor.
Summary Summary Magnetic Ranging
Sperry Drilling is the leader in magnetic ranging services and can provide the right ranging solution, whether for intersection or avoidance, for accurately determining the relative positions of two or more wellbores.
Summary Summary Survey Management
This service delivers a comprehensive well positioning approach, generating the necessary risk versus reward analysis and survey program.
Summary Summary Pressure-While-Drilling (PWD) Services
Provides annular pressure, internal pressure and temperature measurements. Aids in detecting lost circulation and flow/kicks before they happen.
Summary Summary Wellbore Surveying
Wellbore Surveying
Summary Summary Directional Sensors
When drilling vertical, horizontal, or extended reach wells, obtaining accurate measurements of inclination and azimuth is a fundamental requirement. For these measurements, Sperry Drilling services offers three types of MWD directional sensors and the Evader® MWD gyro service.
Summary Summary Drillstring Vibration Monitoring
Drillstring vibration monitoring
Summary Summary Wellbore Pressure Monitoring
Wellbore pressure monitoring
Summary Summary DrillDOC® Drilling Downhole Optimization Collar Tool
Provides real-time measurements of weight, torque and bending moment to characterize the transfer of energy from surface to bit.
Summary Summary DrilSaver™ III Vibration Monitoring System
System that identifies and measures the magnitude of drillingvibrations through the high speed sampling and analysis of surface drilling parameters.
Summary Summary Evader® Gyro-While-Drilling Service
Aids in orienting and steering the drillstring. Improves wellbore guidance to avoid collision with other wells on multi-well platforms. Immune to magnetic interference.
Summary Summary Drillstring Force Monitoring
Drillstring Force Monitoring
Summary Summary GeoTap® Sensor
LWD formation tester obtains real-time direct pore pressure measurements.
Summary Summary MaxDrill™ Drilling Efficiency Software
Innovative software calculates the efficiency of the drill bit in real time in relation to formation type and rock strength and provides the driller with recommendations on the drilling parameters, expected rate of penetration and projected bit wear.
Summary Summary Vertical Drilling
Vertical Drilling
Summary Summary Short Radius Drilling
With Sperry Drilling’s Short Radius system, you can keep short radius wellbore paths on plan and on target with predictable directional behavior.
Summary Summary InSite® Mobile Service
For maximum convenience and fast, secure access to real-time well information, the InSite Mobile service makes it possible to view well data on such third-party devices as iPhone® and Android™.
Summary Summary InSite Anywhere® Direct Service
InSite Anywhere® Direct service is a data delivery structure that does not require installing special software.
Summary Summary InSite® Data Management Service
The InSite® data management service is a key enabler, allowing rigsite data to be collected, transmitted, replicated and managed in real time.
Summary Summary Real-Time Applications
Real-Time Applications
Summary Summary InSite Anywhere® Service
Access well logs from anywhere in the world using the InSite Anywhere service. As data moves from your logging tools to a secure web site operated by Halliburton, your asset team can review the results in real time and make collaborative decisions on the best avenues to pursue.
Summary Summary Resistivity Logging
Resistivity is the ability of a substance to impede the flow of an electrical current. This is a very important rock property in formation evaluation as it helps to differentiate between formations filled with salty waters (good conductors of electricity) and those filled with hydrocarbons (poor conductors of electricity).
Summary Summary EWR®-PHASE 4 Resistivity Sensor
Delivers excellent vertical resolution in low-resistivity, thinly-bedded formations in boreholes from 3-3/4 to 30 inches.
Summary Summary Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)
These tools impose an external magnetic field in the formation and make a measurement that is proportional to the porosity, regardless of lithology.
Summary Summary CTN™ Compensated Thermal Neutron Sensor
LWD neutron porosity tool provides accurate formation porosity, fluid typing and lithology (in combination with density). Larger tools also feature an acoustic caliper, used to correct the neutron porosity measurement for borehole effects and to provide measurements of borehole size.
Summary Summary Neutron Logging
Through sensitivity to hydrogen in the formation, these tools can provide the formation fluid-filled porosity.
Summary Summary Testing and Sampling
Additional information that can aid in formation evaluation is actual samples of the reservoir fluids and pressures in the formation.
Summary Summary MRIL®-WD™- Sensor
LWD tool provides a direct measurement of the reservoir's total porosity while drilling in hole sizes up to 10 5/8 inches.
Summary Summary Borehole Imaging
High resolution images of the borehole can be used to identify a variety of geological attributes such as structural dip, faults and fractures.
Summary Summary M5™ Integrated LWD Service
Innovative, disruptive technology that maps reservoir and fluid boundaries more than 200 feet (60 meters) from the wellbore – over twice the depth of investigation of current industry offerings.
Summary Summary Acoustic / Rock Mechanics
When sonic pulses are introduced into the reservoir, the time taken to travel between fixed points can be measured.
Summary Summary XBAT™ Azimuthal Sonic and Ultrasonic LWD Service
LWD sonic tool with multipole transmitters and four azimuthal receiver arrays along with a 4-pinger acoustic caliper.
Summary Summary DGR™ Dual Gamma Ray Sensor
Providing accurate and reliable LWD natural gamma ray logs
Summary Summary Gamma Logging
Measurement of the natural gamma rays emitted by various elements in the formation. Gamma ray logs are helpful for quantifying shaliness, well-to-well correlation, depth correlation between open- and cased-hole logs, and for correlation between logging runs.
Summary Summary ABG™ At-Bit Gamma Sensor
Real-time geosteering with the Geo-Pilot® rotary steerable system
Summary Summary Radian® Azimuthal Gamma Ray and Inclination Service
The Radian® azimuthal gamma ray and inclination service provides high-quality borehole images for geosteering, and precise gamma-ray measurements for reservoir evaluation.
Summary Summary Shield - Risk Mitigation
The SHIELD solutions focus on identifying and mitigating the risks associated with delivering the wellbore.
Summary Summary Pro- Maximize Productivity
The PRO solutions focus on increasing reservoir productivity and reducing overall cost of BOE. The GeoBalance optimized pressure drilling, Field Wellbore Trajectory Design, Geosteering and Reservoir Geomechanics all help solve reservoir challenges, increase efficiency and maximize production.
Summary Summary Nav – Drilling Efficiency
The NAV solutions are focused on improving drilling efficiency. The Drilling Performance and Drilling Assurance solutions include BHA design and optimization, drilling system design and optimization, and advanced pressure measurement studies all focused on improving drilling efficiency.
Summary Summary 9½-inch ALD™ Azimuthal Lithodensity Logging-While-Drilling (LWD) Service
The 9-1/2-inch ALD™ Azimuthal Lithodensity Logging-While-Drilling (LWD) service from Halliburton is the industry’s first and only service that delivers high-quality azimuthal density and ultrasonic caliper measurements in real-time for deepwater boreholes ranging from 14-1/2 inches to 17-1/2 inches.
Summary Summary ADR™ Azimuthal Deep Resistivity Sensor
Provides deep reading resistivity up to 18 feet (5.5 meters) into the formation – over 2,000 unique measurements for both precise wellbore placement and more accurate petrophysical analysis
Summary Summary StrataSteer® 3D Geosteering Service
StrataSteer 3D is the heart of our wellbore positioning service, crucial to placing a well, especially in smaller targets that often require complex well paths and more accurate wellbore positioning.
Summary Summary eChartBook™ – Environmental Correction Chart Calculator
An interactive application that includes charts for all of Halliburton's major LWD and wireline sensors, such as gamma ray, resistivity, density and neutron porosity.
Summary Summary Max3Di™ Drilling Optimization Software
Sperry Drilling services' innovative Max3Di software represents a step-change in process monitoring for directional drilling.
Summary Summary ADT® Drilling Optimization Service
Optimize the drilling process through a proven philosophy of modeling, measuring and optimizing by expert personnel whose recommendations help operators make decisions that can lead to improved drilling practices.
Summary Summary MaxBHA™ Design Software
MaxBHA™ software transforms the art of BHA design into science, providing a state-of-the-art solution for improving well placement, drilling performance and tool reliability through real-time modeling of critical rotary speed and sag correction.
Summary Summary Turbine Drilling Motors
Engineered to help operators maximize asset value by reducing well time and lowering cost per foot in hard and abrasive formations and high-temperature environments.
Summary Summary Matched Systems
Matched System
Summary Summary Directional Drilling
Sperry's Directional Drilling Services have earned a worldwide reputation for providing reliable and cost-effective services.
Summary Summary Geo-Pilot® Dirigo Rotary Steerable System
The Geo-Pilot® Dirigo system is the only rotary steerable system that can achieve consistent higher build rates in large hole sizes. Now you can reap the benefits of rotary steerable drilling with build rates previously only achievable with conventional mud motors.
Summary Summary SOLAR™ Geo-Pilot® XL Rotary Steerable System
The SOLAR™ Geo-Pilot® XL point-the-bit rotary steerable system can work in high temperature up to 347°F (175°C) and high pressure up to 30,000 psi (207 MPa) environments.
Summary Summary Geosteering Services
Sperry Drilling geosteering services utilize an iterative process combined with innovative technologies, applications, and people to improve reservoir deliverability through optimal wellbore positioning.
Summary Summary Sperry Drilling
At Sperry Drilling, we’re committed to helping you maximize the asset value of unconventional, deepwater and mature fields. Whatever your challenge, we collaborate with you to engineer the right directional drilling, measurement/logging-while-drilling or mud logging solution for your specific well application.
Summary Summary QBAT™ Multipole LWD Sonic Tool
Multipole LWD acoustic service capable of delivering accurate shear and compressional velocity measurements up to 175C.
Summary Summary AFR™ Azimuthal Focused Resistivity Sensor
Delivers high-resolution resistivity images for identifying dip, fractures, and borehole breakout. It also provides omni-directional, laterolog-type resistivity data, electrical images of the formation, and at-bit resistivity (ABR) measurements.
Summary Summary Real Time Centers™
Halliburton's Real Time Centers™ enable experts to collaborate and work on multiple wells located in different parts of the world concurrently.
Summary Summary Drilling Automation
What if you could project your well path, make real-time drilling decisions, and hit your target on time and on budget every time? Automating the well construction process – plan, design, execute – is about helping you reduce risks and errors, increase consistency, and achieve predictable drilling results.
Summary Summary GABI™ Gamma-At-Bit and Inclination Sensors
GABI™ sensors are equipped with at-bit azimuthal gamma ray and inclination measurements for improved geosteering and optimum wellbore placement.
Summary Summary TerraForce™ Positive Displacement Motors
TerraForce™ motors deliver proven reliability under a wide range of environments with flexible design configurations suitable for applications from conventional drilling applications, fluid and air drilling, and High-Pressure High-Temperature (HP/HT).
Summary Summary Quasar Pulse® Extreme-Temperature M/LWD Service
Integrated LWD service for high-temperature operation, up to 200°C (392°F), providing gamma ray, directional survey, borehole pressure and drill-string vibration measurements.
Summary Summary Drilling Motors
Halliburton Sperry Drilling offers a comprehensive portfolio of drilling motors to help you reduce well time by drilling faster and placing your wells accurately. Suited for unconventionals, deepwater and mature field reservoirs, these motors can be configured to meet your specific basin applications.
Summary Summary EAGLE™ Gas Extraction System
Consistent 'gas-in-mud' measurements you can rely on for formation fluid characterization: Provides true constant-volume, constant-temperature gas-in-mud extraction with consistent, repeatable results.
Summary Summary Underbalanced Equipment
Halliburton's sophisticated underbalanced equipment technologies provide solids management systems in addition to providing reliable and effective downhole well control during tripping and while running completions.
Summary Summary Underbalanced Applications
As a leading industry provider in underbalanced solutions, Halliburton�s reservoir description, well construction and project management skills and technologies can help.
Summary Summary Rotating Control Device 5000
Halliburton's RCD 5000™ device provides a robust and reliable means of safely diverting flow from the annulus away from the rig floor. Complementing the traditional BOP stack, the RCD maintains a dynamic seal on the annulus, making it possible to control the annular pressure at the surface using chokes, thus controlling influx of formation fluids while drilling proceeds.
Summary Summary Rotating Control Device 2000
Halliburton services’ RCD 2000™ rotating control device helps reduce cost and environmental impact while improving overall wellsite safety in pressure-critical operations.
Summary Summary Rotating Control Devices
Halliburton now offers a series of rotating control devices suitable for a range of applications including managed pressure drilling and underbalanced drilling, where flow control is critical to success.
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