The path to autonomous directional drilling

This article discusses how the advancements in electronics and sensor technology, sophisticated algorithms, and high-speed telemetry.

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The iCruise Difference

iCruise® Intelligent Rotary Steerable System, a breakthrough technology delivering faster, more accurate drilling.

The iCruise Difference

High-speed processors


Distinct survey packages


Measurements per second


Rotations per minute

Intelligence that performs as designed

iCruise® intelligent RSS includes advanced electronics, sophisticated algorithms, multiple sensors and survey packages, and high-speed processors with some of the highest mechanical specifications on the market. With up to 400 RPMs downhole, and thorough mechanical design, it maximizes penetration rates in unconventionals, deep water, and mature fields. The iCruise intelligent RSS can achieve doglegs with capabilities up to 18°/100 feet to deliver complex well paths and reach target reservoirs with precise directional control .

Automation for predictable results 

Real-time, autonomous steering and vibration commands deliver predictable and repeatable results to plan ahead and make decisions in real-time. Precise steering and accurate well placement reduce risks and NPT. Fully autonomous CruiseControl® technology allows the iCruise to drill gun barrel straight tangent sections whether vertical, tangent, or in the lateral without requiring any operator input. Autonomous drilling with iCruise helps maximize asset value by landing the curve and reaching target depths, while reducing risks and cost-per-BOE. 

iCruise® Intelligent Rotary Steerable System
iCruise® Intelligent Rotary Steerable System

Unrivaled intelligence for accurate well placement

Advanced electronics, algorithms, and processors enable complex downhole calculations and precise, real-time measurements while drilling. 


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