Drilling made reliable 

NitroForce mud motors had been re-engineered to provide the power and performance to consistently deliver faster and longer runs.

The enhanced motors have larger PDC thrust bearings for increased loading capacity to drill through challenging environments. The motors are equipped with a high-strength titanium flex transmission shaft that supports higher torque limits with increased durability. They have fewer connections, which improves reliability and reduces turnaround time. A larger outer diameter collar allows system-matching the new higher torque connections with proprietary power sections from Sperry Drilling. To withstand high-temperature environments for extended periods, the new lower end eliminates failure points including rubber boots and seals. The power sections are customized with resilient, long-lasting elastomers to support fits, speeds, and horsepower for any environment.​ The extended motor life can deliver complex laterals in a single run.

NitroForce drilling motor

Faster Delivery with an expanded drilling envelope

The redesigned proprietary power sections of the NitroForce drilling motor have higher flow rates that improve hole cleaning and increase horsepower at the bit, resulting in a faster rate of penetration (ROP). The PDC thrust bearings matched with the higher-torque connections and flow capacity allows for higher weight on bit (WOB). With the variety of elastomers and redesigned bearing section, NitroForce motors are capable of drilling in the industry's most demanding applications. ​

Taking conventional drilling to another level

When combined with the LOGIX® autonomous drilling platform, NitroForce motors can take conventional drilling to another level by enabling real-time vibration mitigation and collision avoidance to drill wells consistently improving the overall delivery times. ​

Drill to produce

  • Stay on target with LOGIX® autonomous drilling platform
  • Extend lateral length to maximize reservoir contact

Reduce well time

  • Deliver shoe-to-shoe runs with improved performance
  • Minimize trips and NPT with longer motor life
  • Decrease well delivery time with faster ROP from higher horsepower and WOB
  • Reach drilling targets in a single run


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