MWD/LWD Telemetry Services

Formation evaluation and drilling dynamics data can help you efficiently drill a well and hit the target reservoir. Telemetry services transmit downhole data from MWD/LWD tools to the surface to provide you with drilling and reservoir insight at any point of your operation. Sperry Drilling offers a suite of mud pulse, electromagnetic, and wired drillpipe telemetry services, engineered to help you make informed decisions along the well plan, to reduce your well time and maximize your production. 

Every step of the way, let’s work together to maximize the value of your asset.

JetPulse® High-Speed Telemetry Service

JetPulse® High-Speed Telemetry Service

Provides high-data rate transmission of real-time drilling and formation evaluation measurements, enabling faster, earlier decisions to maximize reservoir contact and drilling efficiency.
Electromagnetic Telemetry (EMT) System
EMT system allows data transmission without a continuous fluid column, providing an alternative to negative and positive pulse systems.
IXO Interface
The IXO Interface from Sperry Drilling services provides two-way communication between downhole LWD sensors and the surface at speeds up to 10,000X faster than current mud pulse telemetry rates. The IXO Interface is the link that connects the Sperry LWD system to NOV's IntelliServ® Network.
Mud-Pulse Telemetry Services
The mud pulse systems use valves to modulate the flow of drilling fluid in the bore of the drillstring, generating pressure pulses that propagate up the column of fluid inside the drillstring and then are detected by pressure transducers at the surface.
QuickPulse™ Automated Directional Gamma Service
Delivers quick and downhole information for faster well delivery. The service provides downhole updates as fast as every 3 seconds and transmits surveys in as little as 24 seconds.

M/LWD Telemetry Systems

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QuickPulse™ Automated Directional Gamma Service

Introducing our new measurement-while-drilling solution to help you drill wells faster with quick and reliable downhole information.