JetPulse® High-Speed Telemetry Service

The Right Data, at the Right Time, Helps You Make the Right Decisions

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With large volumes of downhole data, compressed and delivered at over 140 bits-per-second, the JetPulse® high-speed telemetry service consistently helps you make informed decisions faster — maximizing drilling efficiency and significantly reducing NPT.

JetPulse Telemetry Service

Drill Long Sections in a Single Run

Drilling dynamics and formation evaluation data from sensors in the BHA allow you to make early and effective decisions along the well plan to drill long sections in a single run – maximizing ROP, placing the wellbore accurately, and reducing well time.

Highest LCM Tolerance in the Industry

Featuring the highest lost circulation material (LCM) tolerance of any high-speed mud-pulse telemetry system in the industry, the JetPulse service allows you to pump the required LCM concentration to cure mud losses quickly and effectively, reducing your lost circulation costs.

Maximize Drilling Performance and Reservoir Contact

Whether you're drilling complex extended-reach or deepwater wells, you need frequent data at your fingertips to make quick decisions at any point of your drilling operation. With the right data at the right time, we can help you increase drilling efficiency and maximize the value of your asset.

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Summary Summary Venezuela: Petroindependencia Drills the Longest ERD Well While Staying 100 Percent in Target Zone Sign in required
Petroindependencia, a Petróleos de Venezuela S.A. (PDVSA) joint venture, operates in the Orinoco oil belt, where the target reservoirs are located in the Morichal member of the Oficina formation, which can be characterized as a shallow, unconsolidated formation.
Summary Summary Azerbaijan: Operator Achieves Record-Breaking Telemetry Rates Despite Challenging Environment Sign in required
JetPulse™ high-data-rate (HDR) telemetry enables operator to anticipate and react to potential problems before significant nonproductive time (NPT) can occur
Summary Summary JetPulse® High-Speed Telemetry Service Datasheet
Datasheet for JetPulse High-Speed Telemetry Service
Summary Summary E&P Magazine - 2018 Offshore Technology Yearbook
Offshore Technology Aims at Lowering Breakeven Economics
Summary Summary Oilfield Technology: Increasing Drilling Efficiency with Telemetry
Paul Cooper, PhD, Halliburton, USA, shows how high-speed telemetry can help increase drilling efficiency.
Summary Summary Increasing Drilling Efficiency with Telemetry
Paul Cooper, PhD, Halliburton, USA, shows how high-speed telemetry can help increase drilling efficiency.
Summary Summary JetPulse® High-Speed Telemetry Service
The JetPulse® High-Speed Telemetry Service provides high-data rate transmission of real-time drilling and formation evaluation measurements, enabling faster, earlier decisions to maximize reservoir contact and drilling efficiency.
Summary Summary Mud-Pulse Telemetry Services
The mud pulse systems use valves to modulate the flow of drilling fluid in the bore of the drillstring, generating pressure pulses that propagate up the column of fluid inside the drillstring and then are detected by pressure transducers at the surface.
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Increasing Drilling Efficiency with Telemetry
This article in the November 2017 issue of Oilfield Technology discusses the applications and benefits of the JetPulse® High-Speed Telemetry Service.