Gas Analysis

Achieve rapid, reliable reservoir fluid characterization

During the drilling process, any gas present in rock cuttings or exposed formation can be released into the drilling fluid, which can help you understand your reservoir fluids and potential economic returns. When the drilling fluid is circulated to surface, specialized gas extraction equipment can obtain a representative sample of that gas, which can then be continuously analyzed to determine its composition.

Gas Analysis

The GasFact™ gas analysis service from Halliburton Sperry Drilling delivers high-quality, consistent sampling, along with comprehensive gas measurements of hydrocarbons, inorganics, aromatics, atmospherics and other gases. This service surpasses conventional systems by combining the capabilities of the constant volume and temperature gas extraction from the EAGLE™ gas extraction system, Halliburton Mass Spectrometer, geochemical, the Baseline® 9250: Dual Gas Chromatograph (FID), and the Extraction Efficiency Correction (EEC) Method.

Enhance reservoir understanding

  • Receive reservoir insight from our highly-trained specialists who provide advanced gas extraction, detection, and expert analysis of reservoir fluids and gases through the Gas Analysis Studio™ software
  • Reduce uncertainty of your reservoir by overcoming deficiencies and limitations of conventional gas extraction systems and gas detection services
  • Determine fluid contacts, compartmentalization, reservoir porosity, and proximity to lateral accumulations

By combining our advanced gas extraction, detection, and analysis services with our mud logging expertise, we can help you enhance reservoir understanding and increase production to maximize the value of your assets.

Constant Volume Extractor (CVE )
On-site real-time formation fluid analysis: Analyze drilling mud-contained gases to make reliable predictions on formation fluid type.
EAGLE™ Gas Extraction System
Consistent 'gas-in-mud' measurements you can rely on for formation fluid characterization: Provides true constant-volume, constant-temperature gas-in-mud extraction with consistent, repeatable results.

Gas Analysis

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