Cuttings Analysis

Expand geological and petrophysical knowledge

Cuttings Analysis

Knowing the details of your reservoir’s rock and minerals is key for accurate well placement. The LithoFact® cuttings analysis service from Halliburton Sperry Drilling can help you enhance your reservoir understanding by evaluating the information from the elemental, mineralogical and organic carbon data in the drill cuttings at surface. This complete evaluation of the formation allows you to make better field development decisions, optimize fracture placement, and maximize reservoir contact.

Enhance reservoir understanding:

  • Optimize hydraulic fracture placement in unconventional plays
  • Know your rock and fluid properties by applying our latest technologies – x-ray diffraction, x-ray fluorescence, scanning electron microscopy (SEM) analysis and pyrolysis
  • Optimize frac placement by knowing where to frac with FracInsight® analysis
  • Receive geochemical analysis of your reservoir by our trained and experienced mud logging specialists

Drill to produce:

  • Stay in the reservoir target to maximize contact by quantitatively determining formational changes and trace mineral variations
By combining our LithoFact service with FracInsight analysis, we can help you determine where to frac and increase barrels produced, maximizing the value of your unconventionals assets.

Cuttings Analysis

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Summary Summary Papua New Guinea: LithoSCAN™ Automated Petrography Solution Yields Results in Remote Papua New Guinea Field Test Sign in required
In the remote highlands of Papua New Guinea where logistics and complex geology make wells highly challenging to drill, customer Oil Search Limited sought data on drill cuttings from three separate wells for use in better determining reservoir geology and to support time-critical drilling decisions.
Summary Summary USA, Texas: LaserStrat® In-Field Service Helps Deliver Vastly Higher Sign in required
Obtain detailed reservoir information for optimum hydraulic fracturing along the lateral to improve the percentage of fractured intervals.
Summary Summary British Columbia, Canada: LaserStrat® Service Helps Double Production Sign in required
Devon Canada was drilling shallow horizontal gas wells and needed a cost-effective solution that could reliably geosteer in the limestone reservoir interval.
Summary Summary LithoFact® Rock Analysis Service Sign in required
Whole-rock analysis for reservoir insight, precise stratigraphic placement, and maximum reservoir contact
Summary Summary LithoFact™ Rock Analysis Service
LithoFact™ service identifies your rock and fluid properties and helps accurately place your wells to maximize reservoir contact
Summary Summary FracInsight Service - “Where to Frac”
The Halliburton FracInsightSM service is an unbiased repeatable software tool used to select perforation clusters and frac stage locations, based on the best available data along a horizontal well.
Summary Summary Cuttings Analysis
By analyzing the concentration of specific elements in the reservoir rock, the composition of the reservoir can be determined.
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