Testing and Sampling

Additional information that can aid in formation evaluation is actual samples of the reservoir fluids and pressures in the formation.

Pore pressure measurements for example can aid in determining permeability of the formation and viscosity of the fluids, identify fluid contact points, and are helpful in managing formation pressures and the drilling mud program.

By being able to capture samples from the formation, a number of fluid and formation properties can be monitored, including: resistivity/capacitance; viscosity; density; bubble point; compressibility; horizontal permeability; vertical permeability; and anisotropy.

GeoTap® Sensor
LWD formation tester obtains real-time direct pore pressure measurements.

Testing and Sampling

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Summary Summary Azerbaijan: Geo-Pilot® System Sets New Caspian Record Sign in required
BP needed to drill a well through a difficult section of formation well known to cause tool-damaging vibration.
Summary Summary Guf of Mexico: GeoTap® Tester Obtains Pressure at 7000 psi to Provide Understanding of Depleted Sand Reservoir Sign in required
Sperry provided a GeoTap tester that could work at up to 10,000 psi overbalance; this was combined with a M/LWD triple combo package and run with Sperry directional drilling services.
Summary Summary Gulf of Mexico: GeoTap® Formation Pressure Tester Saves Operator US $3 - 6 Million Sign in required
Sperry Drilling services recommended the GeoTap® formation pressure tester for real-time formation pressure measurements.
Summary Summary Abu Dhabi: GeoTap® Tester Delivers Real-Time Pressure Helping ADCO Increase ROP by 20% Sign in required
ADCO required real-time confirmation of the predicted formation pressure while drilling a 6-inch horizontal hole in an Abu Dhabi oil field.
Summary Summary Angola: GeoTap® Formation Pressure Tester Delivers Quality Pressure Data While Saving Valuable Rig Time Sign in required
The operator needed to evaluate pressure for surveillance purposes and connectivity of the reservoir, but with hole inclination of 75 degrees and a high turn in the hole, wireline pressure testing was not an option.
Summary Summary Brunei: Slim Hole GeoTap® Formation Pressure Tester Obtains Critical Pressures in Oversized Hole after Unsuccessful Deployment of Wireline Tools on Pipe Sign in required
After two unsuccessful attempts to deploy a wireline formation tester on pipe into openhole, the customer considered sidetracking this well in order to obtain pressure measurements that were essential to confirm gas reservoir volumes.
Summary Summary Gulf of Mexico: Comprehensive Halliburton Solution Includes World’s Deepest Formation Pressure Test in Deepwater Extended Reach Well Drilled around a Salt Structure Sign in required
In order to drill this deepwater extended reach well while acquiring formation pressures in the harsh environment, Sperry Drilling recommended a solution that combined the Geo-Pilot® rotary steerable system with quad combo formation evaluation sensors and GeoTap® formation pressure testing services.
Summary Summary Malaysia / GOM / Norway: GeoTap®/Geo-Pilot® Malaysia/GOM/Norway Solution Profile Sign in required
Three case histories: 1. GeoTap Formation Tester Allows Torque Reduction While Dramatically Improving ROP 2. GeoTap® Slimhole LWD Formation Tester and Geo-Pilot® Rotary Steerable System Get Pressure Answers In High-Risk Sidetrack 3. GeoTap® Tester Increases Reservoir Section and Adds $13 Million of New Oil Production
Summary Summary USA, Alaska: Geo-Pilot® Rotary Steerable Systems Help Deliver Extended Reach Well 8.3 Days Ahead of Schedule Sign in required
Drill an extended reach well targeting a section of reservoir originally designed to be reached from a drilling pad yet to be constructed.
Summary Summary Maylasia: Operator in Malaysia Saves US$166,200 with the GeoTap® Plus Formation Pressure Tester Sign in required
Accurate real-time formation pressure data allowed increased drilling rates and reduced rig time, helping the operator save an estimated US$166,200 in operating costs.
Summary Summary Mexico: Geo-Pilot® System and GeoTap® Slimhole Tester Get Pressure Answers In High-Risk Gulf of Mexico Sidetrack Sign in required
Four case histories: 1. Geo-Pilot® System and GeoTap® Slimhole Tester Get Pressure Answers In High-Risk Gulf of Mexico Sidetrack 2. Geo-Pilot® System and GeoTap® Pressure Tester Add $13 Million of New Oil Production 3. Geo-Pilot® System Adds Value, Saving Operator $536,000 4. Longest Single 12-1/4-Inch Geo-Pilot® System Run in Nigerian Field Saves Operator $400,000
Summary Summary Kazakhstan: First Complete Wireline Replacement in Kazakhstan Sign in required
Explore alternative means to acquire the well information while reducing rig time and eliminating multiple logging runs.
Summary Summary U.K. Offshore: Operator Saves Significant Rig Time by Gathering Complete Formation Evaluation Data in Real Time Sign in required
In an offshore U.K. well, an operator needed to obtain a complete formation evaluation (FE) data set to measure reservoir and overburden characteristics in a deviated well.
Summary Summary North Sea, Norway: Operator Successfully Runs 5 ¾-inch Slim-Hole Drilling Operation with Geo-Pilot® RSS System Sign in required
In a mature field on the Norwegian Continental Shelf of the North Sea, an operator had attempted twice to drill a new extended-reach drilling (ERD) wellbore with a 2.05 measured depth (MD) to true vertical depth (TVD) ratio that resulted in the bottomhole assembly (BHA) becoming lost in hole above the reservoir.
Summary Summary Middle East: New GeoTap® Formation Pressure Tester Pad Design Yields Zero Failures, Zero Nonproductive Time during Formation Testing While Drilling Extended Reach Wells Sign in required
Sperry Drilling services was contracted to drill offshore wells in the Middle East region where the customer required formation pressure points to be taken approximately every 200 feet (61 meters) while drilling the 6-1/8-inch hole sections of multiple extended reach wells. Sperry Drilling ran the GeoTap® formation pressure tester, which extends a test pad against the borehole wall to measure formation pressure, but soon recognized the standard pad design was not ideal in the harsh drilling environment. To address the need for a pad for use in harsher environments, Sperry Drilling responded by designing and introducing a more durable and robust pad design that immediately enabled the GeoTap tester to obtain the pressure samples needed without trips for failure and with zero associated nonproductive time (NPT).
Summary Summary Mexico: GeoTap® Service Saves Pemex Approximately US$2 Million by Determining Correct Casing Point Sign in required
Offshore Mexico, Pemex was drilling a deepwater oil-producing well in the Maximino field and needed to measure formation pressure to calibrate the geomechanical model in order to properly set a 9-7/8-in. casing shoe.
Summary Summary GOM: Using GeoTap® LWD Formation Pressure Tester, Operator Saves Estimated USD 2 Million Sign in required
A major operator in deepwater Gulf of Mexico needed to replace a failed water injector well to support a maturing field, which was having subsidence and well integrity problems due to a lack of water drive support.
Summary Summary Mexico: Operator Saves Time USD 7.5 Million in Deepwater Rig Time by Acquiring Crucial Formation Evaluation Data in Real Time Sign in required
An operator on a deepwater well had recently issued an internal mandate seeking opportunities to reduce the authorizations for expenditure (AFEs) associated with drilling its oil and gas exploration and development projects.
Summary Summary Geo-Span Downlinking System Animation
Summary Summary GeoTap Formation Pressure Tester
Providing Direct Formation Pressure Measurements on Demand
Summary Summary GeoTap IDS Datasheet
GeoTap IDS Datasheet
Summary Summary Testing and Sampling
Additional information that can aid in formation evaluation is actual samples of the reservoir fluids and pressures in the formation.
Summary Summary GeoTap® Sensor
LWD formation tester obtains real-time direct pore pressure measurements.
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