CTN™ Compensated Thermal Neutron Sensor

The CTN™ sensor provides accurate porosity, fluid type and lithology information for real-time decision making and wireline replacement applications. Porosity is computed from the near/far detector count rate ratio with robust environmental corrections applied for hole size, standoff, mud weight, mud salinity, formation salinity, pressure and temperature. When combined with the ALD™ azimuthal lithodensity or QBAT™ or XBAT™ sonic sensors, the CTN tool logs can also be used to detect and evaluate gas-bearing formations, and to determine lithology and porosity in complex mineralogy formations.


  • Porosity measurement
  • Gas detection
  • Reservoir fluid typing
  • Lithology evaluation
  • Real-time evaluation
  • Wireline replacement

SOLAR™: This sensor is also available for high temperature/high pressure environments.

CTN™ Compensated Thermal Neutron Sensor

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