Radian® Azimuthal Gamma Ray and
Inclination Service

Geosteering solution in a compact, modular, cost-effective package for unconventional reservoirs

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Real-time, high-quality gamma ray images and continuous borehole inclination measurements enable operators to make geosteering decisions with greater confidence. Our Radian® service reveals structural reservoir details not visible with conventional gamma ray sensors, helping you enhance reservoir understanding, maximize reservoir contact, and reduce well time.

With our Radian service, you’ll be able to:

  • Reduce uncertainty by easily distinguishing between formation layers with low gamma-ray contrast
  • Optimize wellbore placement by knowing your reservoir’s geological structure
  • Maximize reservoir contact by getting a clear view of the surrounding geology while in rotating or sliding mode
  • Decrease wellbore tortuosity by obtaining immediate feedback on steering decisions, making it easier to run casing and completion strings

The Radian service features a compact, modular tool design, which makes it compatible with all types of drilling equipment, including high-torque motors and rotary steerable systems. For maximum flexibility, it can be run either by itself or in combination with all Sperry Drilling MWD/LWD systems.  The optional built-in inclinometer provides immediate feedback on well trajectory changes, allowing for fine positional control. It's also SOLAR® (175°C / 347°F) rated for high-temperature applications.

If you’re looking to gain greater reservoir insight and make more informed geosteering and formation evaluation decisions, the Radian service provides you with the versatility in one cost-effective package. Let’s work together to maximize the value of your unconventional asset.

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