QBAT™ Multipole LWD Sonic Service

Delivering accurate Acoustic Measurements even in High Temperatures

The QBAT sensor delivers acoustic velocity measurements while drilling to determine porosity and rock properties while also providing input to numerous advanced calculations such as synthetic seismograms and wellbore stability analyses. With several significant design improvements over the original BAT tool, the QBAT sensor delivers accurate shear and compressional velocity measurements in a wider range of formation types – including very soft formations and high-temperature environments up to 175°C (347°F) – and under more challenging drilling conditions.

QBAT™ Multipole LWD Sonic Tool

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Summary Summary Algeria: QBAT™ Multipole Sonic Sensor Replaces Wireline Run Sign in required
In this horizontal well in an Algerian gas field, the operator wanted to determine formation porosity and mechanical properties without using conventional neutron porosity tools with radioactive sources, because their use in the region is highly restricted.
Summary Summary Gulf of Mexico: QBAT™ Multipole Sonic Tool Eliminates Wireline Run to Identify Top of Cement in Deepwater Gulf of Mexico Sign in required
One operator challenged Sperry Drilling services to provide a means of identifying the top of cement in deepwater wells, without the costly and time-consuming wireline cement bond logging which greatly impedes deepwater drilling operations.
Summary Summary Mexico: Pemex optimizes a mature field well that is now producing three times more than nearby offset wells Sign in required
Pemex needed sonic data to calculate the mechanical properties of the reservoir in a mature field in Mexico to determine the best zones to fracture in the Jurassic Oxfordian sand formation.
Summary Summary Angola: QBAT™ LWD Tool Delivers Reliable Compressional Sonic Data in Fast Pre-Salt Formation, Eliminating Need for Wireline Logging in High-Cost Deepwater Environment Sign in required
In up to 2,000 meters (6,560 feet) of water, offshore Angola, oil companies are exploring the potential of the pre-salt environment which overlays carbonates and sandstone but is primarily hard rock. Typically when logging such “fast” formations, where shear velocity is faster than the compressional velocity of the fluid in the borehole, timeconsuming wireline logging is needed because logging-while-drilling (LWD) sonic tools cannot always acquire reliable compressional sonic data.
Summary Summary Mexico: QBAT™ sensor helps Pemex to achieve sonic data in large 26 inch complicated soft-formation well Sign in required
In an exploratory well in the Akal field of Mexico, one of the main objectives of Pemex was to obtain reliable, high quality LWD information while drilling a 26-inch hole in a difficult soft formation.
Summary Summary Middle East: Operator Gathers Valuable Formation Features with the Only Service in Larger Hole Sizes Sign in required
Due to a lack of seismic data in a challenging remote location offshore in the Middle East, an operator was drilling several deepwater pilot holes for gas exploration in order to gain as much information as possible for well correlation and to gather insight into understanding the geological structure and depositional environment.
Summary Summary U.K. Offshore: Operator Saves Significant Rig Time by Gathering Complete Formation Evaluation Data in Real Time Sign in required
In an offshore U.K. well, an operator needed to obtain a complete formation evaluation (FE) data set to measure reservoir and overburden characteristics in a deviated well.
Summary Summary Mexico: Operator Saves Time USD 7.5 Million in Deepwater Rig Time by Acquiring Crucial Formation Evaluation Data in Real Time Sign in required
An operator on a deepwater well had recently issued an internal mandate seeking opportunities to reduce the authorizations for expenditure (AFEs) associated with drilling its oil and gas exploration and development projects.
Summary Summary QBAT™ Multipole LWD Sonic Tool
Delivering Accurate Acoustic Measurements in the Widest Range of Formations
Summary Summary QBAT™ Multipole LWD Sonic Tool
Multipole LWD acoustic service capable of delivering accurate shear and compressional velocity measurements up to 175C.
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