EAGLE™ Gas Extraction System

Consistent "gas-in-mud" measurements you can rely on for formation fluid characterization

EAGLE Gas Extraction SystemToday, hydrocarbon gas measurements obtained while drilling lack consistency that is important for geological correlation and gas ratio analysis. Certain aspects of the gas extraction process can influence gas response, skewing the measurement. To answer the need for consistent and reliable gas analysis measurements, Halliburton Sperry Drilling services has developed the EAGLE™ gas extraction system. The new system offers a true constant-volume, constant-temperature gas-in-mud extraction with consistent, repeatable results. This helps to obtain much more reliable information on formation fluid type and reservoir compartmentalization.

EAGLE System Benefits

  • The EAGLE system design addresses all the deficiencies seen in conventional gas traps
  • Delivers a continuous constant-volume, constant-temperature gas-in-mud measurement while maintaining consistent gas extraction
  • Helps analyze drilling mud-contained gases to make reliable predictions on formation fluid type and reservoir compartmentalization
  • Efficiently extracts heavier hydrocarbons
  • The high quality of the sample makes it ideal for the analysis systems, such as the Halliburton Mass Spectrometer, that analyses up to 28 species, including hydrocarbon, inorganic and sulphur species
  • In environments where mud returns are cooled (e.g. deepwater), heating the mud gives representative response of the heavy hydrocarbons (C6+).

EAGLE System Features

  • True constant volume gas extraction system with a hermetic degassing chamber
  • Full software control and monitoring of all system parameters by the InSite® rig information system
  • Extraction probe mounted at the highest point on the flow line close to the bell nipple
  • Consistent fixed volume mud sample sucked from the flow line for gas extraction before being pumped back into the flow line
  • Mud sample is heated under controlled temperature for constant degassing temperature and extraction of heavy hydrocarbons (C6+)
  • Enhanced mud agitation in sealed degasser chamber ensures full gas extraction
  • Non-condensing gas sample line prevents re-condensation of higher molecular weight compounds
  • Coriolis sensor provides improved measurement of mud density and system flow rate