Geosteering Services

Place Your Wells Accurately, Maximize Reservoir Contact

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Seeing what’s below the surface can allow you to geosteer through complex geology, minimize seismic uncertainty, and make informed geosteeering decisions to place your wells in the sweet spot.

Halliburton Sperry Drilling geosteering experts provide you with real-time reservoir insight to help you enhance reservoir understanding and get the most out your well at the lowest cost-per-BOE.

Real-Time Reservoir Insight, Timely Decisions

Our proprietary RoxC® real-time geosteering software features fast calculation speeds and delivers industry-leading, high-resolution 3D inversions of your reservoir structure in real time. With this unmatched visualization of your reservoir, geosteering experts can help you optimize well placement, reduce wellbore tortuosity, and maximize reservoir contact in all types of environments.

Plus, you can continue to refine your geological model to help you design the right completions and plan for future field development.

Let’s work together to truly understand what’s in your reservoir, place your wells accurately, and help you maximize the value of your assets in deep water, unconventionals, and mature fields.

9½-inch Azimuthal Lithodensity (ALD™) LWD Service

9½-inch Azimuthal Lithodensity (ALD™) LWD Service

Provides high-quality measurements of formation density and photoelectric (Pe) factor for reliable reservoir evaluation and formation images.

ABG™ At-Bit Gamma Sensor
Real-time geosteering with the Geo-Pilot® rotary steerable system
Radian® Azimuthal Gamma Ray and Inclination Service
The Radian® azimuthal gamma ray and inclination service provides high-quality borehole images for geosteering, and precise gamma-ray measurements for reservoir evaluation.
AFR™ Azimuthal Focused Resistivity Sensor
Delivers high-resolution resistivity images for identifying dip, fractures, and borehole breakout. It also provides omni-directional, laterolog-type resistivity data, electrical images of the formation, and at-bit resistivity (ABR) measurements.
GABI™ Gamma-At-Bit and Inclination Sensors
GABI™ sensors are equipped with at-bit azimuthal gamma ray and inclination measurements for improved geosteering and optimum wellbore placement.
StrataSteer® 3D Geosteering Service
StrataSteer 3D is the heart of our wellbore positioning service, crucial to placing a well, especially in smaller targets that often require complex well paths and more accurate wellbore positioning.
ADR™ Azimuthal Deep Resistivity Sensor
Provides deep reading resistivity up to 18 feet (5.5 meters) into the formation – over 2,000 unique measurements for both precise wellbore placement and more accurate petrophysical analysis
9½-inch ALD™ Azimuthal Lithodensity Logging-While-Drilling (LWD) Service
The 9-1/2-inch ALD™ Azimuthal Lithodensity Logging-While-Drilling (LWD) service from Halliburton is the industry’s first and only service that delivers high-quality azimuthal density and ultrasonic caliper measurements in real-time for deepwater boreholes ranging from 14-1/2 inches to 17-1/2 inches.
EarthStar™ Ultra-Deep Resistivity Service
Innovative, disruptive technology that maps reservoir and fluid boundaries more than 200 feet (60 meters) from the wellbore – over twice the depth of investigation of current industry offerings.

Geosteering Services

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