Shield - Risk Mitigation

The SHIELD solutions focus on identifying and mitigating the risks associated with delivering the wellbore. Wellbore Integrity, Drilling String Integrity, Hydraulics Management and Trajectory Management solutions can be offered independently or in combination to create a customized solution to solve wellbore integrity challenges.

Wellbore Integrity

Using Sperry Drilling's advanced measurement while drilling and logging while drilling services along with DrillingXpert™ software platform, DES experts deliver solutions to monitor and mitigate wellbore integrity challenges.

  • Pore Pressure and Fracture Pressure Prediction: Provides a calibrated pore pressure model for the target well based on two offset wells. Real-time updates for geo-pressure model including overburden, pore pressure with final report and logs detailing pore pressure conditions observed during drilling from downhole and surface parameters.
  • Wellbore Stability Prediction: Provides interpretation of stress orientation, pore pressure from centroid effects, LOT analysis, rock mechanical properties and borehole breakout images to predict- geo-pressures in non-clastic formations.

Drillstring Integrity

Offering Vibration Management or Vibration and Force Management, the Drillstring Integrity solutions use the Sperry Drilling Vibration Management suite and Force Management suite including the DrillDOC® tool to monitor conditions downhole and make recommendations for optimizing performance.

  • Vibration Management: Includes analysis of the torque and drag, force analysis and critical speeds for every bit run on the target well with real-time updates to reaction to measured vibration events identified from downhole and surface measurements. Final reporting of the observed vibration per section with recommendations for future vibration elimination.
  • Vibration and Force Management: Adds the DrillDOC tool to the Vibration Management solution to support additional force measurement and monitoring. Using DrillDOC in real-time and memory can determine wellbore tortuosity and provide recommendations to identify the downhole energy available for optimum performance.

Hydraulics Management

Using advanced hydraulics models and torque and drag to predict the expected drilling conditions, the Hydraulics Management solutions focus on maintaining annular pressures within wellbore pressure boundaries , optimizing hole cleaning and clean-up cycles, optimizing circulating system pressures, maximizing ROP without exceeding mud weight windows and optimizing tripping time.

  • Hole Cleaning and System Pressure Management: Provides modeling of expected hydraulics pressures, equivalent mud weight roadmaps and torque and drag to optimize hydraulics performance. Also provides execution mitigation with real-time models based on actual conditions, delivering recommendations to mitigation hydraulics problems and optimize hole cleaning efficiency.
  • Predictive Hydraulics Monitoring: Delivered by Baroid and includes the Baroid DrillAhead® analysis to the Hole Cleaning and System Pressure Monitoring package to determine transport efficiency, loading and annular velocities for every annular cross section and real-time ECD calculation with the DFG™ RT program.

Trajectory Management

Downhole equipment, Crustal effects and Diurnal magnetic field variations all affect the measured magnetic field in the wellbore, this can result in significant uncertainty in wellbore placement. Using Magnetic Field Corrections and Trajectory Management solutions to characterize tool behavior mitigate those effects to increase wellbore placement accuracy.

  • In-Field Referencing: Provides analysis and planning for crustal field variations, monitoring and correction of real-time surveys with multi-station analysis performed either real-time or post run for survey corrections. Final definitive survey reporting using applied correction methods.
  • Interpolated In-Field Referencing: The In-Field referencing service enhances standard magnetic survey measurements by correction for variations in the geomagnetic field at the location of the borehole at the exact time each survey is taken.