Directional Drilling

Drill fast, hit your target, achieve consistent results

At Halliburton Sperry Drilling, we provide you with the newest directional drilling technologies to help you drill and hit your target fast, accurately, and consistently.

Our portfolio of rotary steerable systems (RSS), drilling mud motors, turbodrills turbines, and downhole tools are engineered to help you reduce well time and maximize reservoir contact in all types of environments, from unconventional land to extended-reach deepwater drilling.

Place your wells accurately, every time

Precise well placement is key to achieving your drilling objectives on time and on budget. Our drilling experts plan, design, and model high-angle and complex well trajectories utilizing our DrillingXpert® software, to help you increase drilling performance and lower costs. During the drilling operation, our automated drilling platform enables directional drillers to make quick, smarter decisions in real-time, helping you to stay on plan and achieve predictable and consistent results.

Let's work together to maximize the value of your assets every step of the way.  

Geo-Pilot® Rotary Steerable Systems
Geo-Pilot® Rotary Steerable Systems deliver high borehole quality for extended-reach drilling and soft formations in deepwater and offshore environments.
GeoForce® Even Layer Thickness Motors
GeoForce® motors help to enhance drilling performance in mature fields with even-layer stator technology.
StrataForce™ High-Performance Motor
StrataForce™ high-performance motors help improve drilling performance in unconventionals with extended-length power sections and high-resilient elastomer technology.
Turbopower™ Turbodrills
Turbopower™ turbodrills help to reduce well time and lower costs-per-foot in hard and abrasive formations, and high-temperature environments.
iCruise® Intelligent Rotary Steerable System
The new iCruise® intelligent rotary steerable system is automation-enabled to place wells accurately and reduce well time through fast drilling, accurate steering, improved reliability, and predictable results.

Directional Drilling

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iCruise® Intelligent Rotary Steerable System

Introducing our new intelligent RSS designed to help you reduce well time and place wells accurately.