In the drilling industry, everyone knows that time is money. Halliburton appreciates that equation - and we design drilling programs that not only increase recoveries, but also lower costs by minimizing nonproductive time, boosting production rates and requiring smaller expenditures of capital.  

Optimize Performance. Engineer Success.

For upstream oil and gas companies looking to reduce overall well construction costs while increasing asset recovery, Halliburton delivers drilling performance to improve wellbore quality and add value to overall well construction.  

GeoBalance® Automated Managed Pressure Drilling System

GeoBalance® Automated Managed Pressure Drilling System

GeoBalance® Automated Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) System helps you stay in control and manage pressure related challenges confidently.
Marine Sentry™ RCD 3000

Marine Sentry™ RCD 3000

The Marine Sentry™ RCD 3000 is the latest offshore rotating control device providing safe and efficient containment and diversion of fluids throughout the well construction process.
Technical Papers - OnePetro

Technical Papers - OnePetro

Learn about the latest technology breakthroughs from one of the energy industry’s top innovators.

Technical Papers - OnePetro


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Argentina Operator Drills Country’s Longest Lateral and Deepest Well in Unconventional Field

This case study details how the iCruise® intelligent RSS helped reach total depth and place well 100% in-zone in Vaca Muerta reservoir.

Reservoir Innovations, Volume 12

Read about the highlighted innovations in this formation evaluation technical journal.

The Path to Autonomous Directional Drilling

This article discusses how the advancements in electronics and sensor technology, sophisticated algorithms, and high-speed telemetry...

QuickPulse™ Automated Directional Gamma Service

Introducing our new measurement-while-drilling solution to help you drill wells faster with quick and reliable downhole information.

New ultra-deep resistivity service identifies bypassed oil in mature North Sea field

This article details how an operator used the EarthStar® service and increases pay zone by 50% in water-flooded reservoir

Applying ultra-deep LWS resistivity technology successfully in a SAGD operation

This article details how an operator used the EarthStar® service in a complex, high-resistivity structure to successfully place the well accurately...

Operator Identifies Bypassed Pay and Increases Pay Zone by 50% in Water-flooded Reservoir

This case study details how the EarthStar® ultra-deep resistivity service maximized asset value in a mature carbonate field.

Clearer Downhole Picture Emerges

This article highlights how the EarthStar® service illuminates and maps ultra-deep reservoirs and fluid boundaries in the wellbore.

Aurora™ Surface-Access Magnetic Ranging Service
Learn more about how to reduce SAGD costs with the industry-leading Aurora™ service