EquiFlow® Remote

Traditional fluid loss control devices (FLCDs) typically control fluid loss via a mechanical barrier between the upper and lower completions. This barrier allows for the application of hydraulic pressure to the tubing ID above it and prevents completion fluids uphole from being lost into the reservoir. However, when access to the lower completion is required the FLCD must be removed/opened via intervention which can require a trip into the well, hydraulic control line to surface or a variety of other time consuming methods.

The EquiFlow® remote removes the need for traditional FLCDs and replaces them in the form of an annular FLCD installed on the downstream end of an EquiFlow ICD and/or PetroGuard® screen. The EquiFlow remote allows for traditional tubing fill during screen installation via a one-way ball check. Fluid is free to flow in the production direction through the device and yet it is completely blocked from tubing to reservoir exit. The EquiFlow remote allows upper completion work that requires hydraulic tubing pressure to be carried out as usual. When it is desired to remove the fluid loss function of the device, the operator simply needs to apply pressure to the tubing ID above the EquiFlow remote setting pressure (which is adjustable) and then release pressure from the tubing. Once flow commences in the production direction the ball check is permanently removed from the production flow path and access to the reservoir is granted in both directions.

Removing the need for traditional fluid loss control devices, the EquiFlow remote features:

  • Innovative annular ball check functionality
  • No well intervention to disable
  • Full access to tubing pressure from surface
  • Adjustable setting pressure

EquiFlow® Remote

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