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When unevern production causes excessive gas and/or water to migrate to the wellbore, operators rely on Halliburton's EquiFlow® inflow control devices (ICDs). Dynamic fluid technology effectively directs fluid flow across the whole reservoir, helping to reduce unwanted fluids, balance production through the interval, and stimulate low permeability sections evenly. 

Plus, our autonomous inflow control devices (AICDs) contain no moving parts, electronics or connections to the surface, enabling you to extend production for the life of the reservoir. 

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Award winner at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC)

Recognized by OTC in 2012 for addressing the problem of restricting unwanted water or gas production through innovative and efficient ICD designs. 

Autonomous inflow control device

Halliburton EquiFlow® AICD can reliably extend well life and overall production.

Autonomous inflow control device

A complete portfolio  

EquiFlow® inflow control devices offer simple and reliable solutions, combining inflow balancing with advanced completions tailored to meet your reservoir challenges. These solutions can be incorporated with conventional screens or debris filters. Simulation software is used to model, design and optimize EquiFlow ICD completions. The portfolio includes: 

  • EquiFlow® Autonomous ICDs
    Innovative dynamic fluid diode technology distinguishes the types of fluids flowing through the AICD. No moving parts, they function as passive ICDs during oil production, while restricting the production of water and gas upon breakthrough to minimize water and gas cuts dramatically. 
  • EquiFlow® Density*
    Halliburton developed the EquiFlow® Density, a novel class of AICDs that balances production flow and restricts unwanted production fluids, even with minimal viscosity difference between the produced fluids.

    *Halliburton acknowledges Saudi Aramco as sponsor of this product development.
  • EquiFlow® Adjustable Nozzle ICDs 
    Regulate flow rate by adding pressure drop through a series of nozzles, adjusted for flow rate vs pressure differential for each ICD. This adjustability provides a customized restriction profile and allows for adjustments in the workshop or at the rig site. 
  • EquiFlow® Washpipe-free Systems 
    A positive seal and plug solution fitted to each AICD/ICD flow port deliver hydrocarbons and provide injection. Enable pressure integrity, circulation and stimulation without the requirement of an inner string while running in hole, helping to reduce rig time.
  • EquiFlow® ICD with Dissolvable Plug
    Dissolvable rods can be used to plug the flow paths in the ICD housing, which disappear after the completion is installed and fluid displacement is complete – thus, creating a washpipe-free ICD completion. 

Sand Control Products

Single-Trip Multizone Completion Systems

Single-Trip Multizone Completion Systems

Halliburton delivers reliable single-trip systems for any multizone application up to 15,000 psi.

Sand Control Screen Technology

Sand Control Screen Technology

Whatever your challenge, Halliburton experts stand ready with solutions using the most effective, reliable, value-added sand control screens technology in the business


Novel washpipe-free ICD completion with dissolvable material

EquiFlow® washpipe-free ICD completions help reduce operational time and costs, and upon dissolution of the dissolvable plugs, delay gas and water breakthrough.

Paper presented at the Offshore Technology Conference, Houston, Texas 2018. 

Increase oil recovery and lower costs with Halliburton's EquiFlow® ICD with dissolvable plug technology.
Increase oil recovery and lower costs with Halliburton's EquiFlow® ICD with dissolvable plug technology.

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