Xtreme Single-Trip Multizone (XSTMZ™) System

Enables efficient and reliable stimulations and gravel-pack operations for long pay zones in extreme deepwater conditions


In order to meet the evolving requirements of deepwater and ultra-deepwater projects, operators need an increasingly robust single-trip multizone system. Leveraging on the highly successful 10,000-psi rated Enhanced Single-Trip Multizone (ESTMZ™) system, Halliburton has developed the 15,000-psi Xtreme Single-Trip Multizone (XSTMZ™) system to complete wells in those extreme conditions. With this increased pressure rating, the XSTMZ system can frac pack multiple zones at higher pump rates and larger proppant volumes. It also provides the ability to create zonal compartments for better stimulation of long pay zones with high differential pressures between them.

The XSTMZ system provides a 50 percent increase in pressure rating over previous multizone systems (from 10,000 psi to 15,000 psi). This increase in power provides tremendous economic benefit to the profitability of deeper and more difficult wells while also saving days of rig time.

The XSTMZ system enables operators to:

  • Improve productivity with more aggressive fracturing capability
  • Increase ultimate recovery of reserves by driving down abandonment pressure
  • Save rig time by isolating and treating several intervals within a single trip, without setting packer plugs
  • Maximize production by integrating a SmartWell® 15K system to control compartments and/or zones remotely
  • Optimize fracture design and execution with live annulus monitoring
  • Utilize Real-Time Visualization Service (RTVS™) software for pre-job planning and real-time monitoring

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