HALADVANCE™ 344 Cement Additive

HALADVANCE™ 344 cement additive, which uses innovative liquid additive chemistry built on the leading performance of the Halliburton Halad family, offers superior features for improved cementing operations and barrier dependability.

Help control fluid loss and improve liquid additive delivery
Controlling fluid loss during cementing is critical in order to maintain targeted properties of the cement slurry downhole and prevent undesirable operational phenoma.  Operations requiring liquid additives, such as in offshore and remote locations, must often use oil suspensions with poor stability in storage that can be difficult to pump through liquid delivery systems due to high viscosity.  HALADVANCE™ 344 cement additive is engineered to effectively control fluid loss, with greater fluid stability and transferability via liquid additive pumps and deilvery lines.

Help enable dependable barriers in varying conditions
HALADVANCE™ 344 cement additive provides fluid loss control in fresh water, brines, and seawater, and is compatible with conventional cementing additives.  HALADVANCE™ 344 has shown to be effective through laboratory testing at 400°F (204°C) and can help enable dependable barriers across a wide range of operational conditions.


  • Liquid additive to control fluid loss with low concentrations
  • Reduced additive viscosity
  • Long shelf-life stability
  • Tolerant to brines and seawater
  • Operational up to 400°F (204°C)
  • Aids suspension and rheological stability of cement slurry


  • Helps prevent loss of filtrate to the formation and premature dehydration of cement slurry
  • Improves transfer and delivery through liquid additive systems
  • Increases pump rates for mixing operations
  • Ideal for storage and use in offshore and remote locations


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