Halad®-9 Fluid-Loss Additive

A blend of a cellulose derivative and a dispersant. It is used to provide fluid-loss control in all API classes of cement.

Halad®-9 additive was developed for primary or squeeze operations. It can be used in wells with bottomhole circulating temperatures (BHCTs) between 60° and 300°F (15.5° and 149°C). In most cements, additive concentrations of 1% or less provide adequate fluid-loss control. However, additive concentrations can be varied for individual well requirements.

Halad®-9 additive is available as a freeflowing powder that can be added to dry cement or as a liquid that can be added to the mixing water. As a secondary feature, Halad®-9 additive can act as a cement retarder. It can also be used to impart thixotropy to slurries containing SCR-100 retarder.

Halad®-9 additive can provide the following benefits:

  • It helps keep horsepower requirements low by controlling viscosity and circulation pressures.
  • Halad®-9 helps control gas migration and can improve squeeze cementing results.
  • It helps protect water-sensitive formations.
  • This additive can allow a better cement/casing bond andhelps maintain slurry density.

Halad®-9 Cement Additive—Product Specifications  

Part No. 70.15556 Bulk Density 37.20 lb/ft3
Form Tan, solid powder Packaging 50 lb. bag
Specific Gravity 1.220 pH  5.5 

Halad®-9 Fluid-Loss Additive

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