Halad®-23 Fluid Loss Additive

High-temperature fluid-loss control agent for freshwater and saltwater cementing slurries

Halad-23 EXP additive is ideal for circulating long columns of cement slurry on primary casing jobs and for deep liner cementing. It helps maintain fluidity, eliminate premature dehydration, and prevent annular bridging in a tight annulus when cementing is performed from 80° to 360°F.

A nonaqueous suspension used in concentrations of 0.08 to 0.35 gal/sk, Halad-23 EXP additive is compatible with most additives used in deep-well cementing. Halad-23 EXP additive also helps provide good frictional properties during displacement. Other features of Halad-23 EXP additive include the following:

  • Highly effective filtration-control agent in wells with static bottomhole temperatures greater than 400°F.
  • Can control fluid loss of cement from 80° to 360°F BHCT.
  • Can offer better control of slurry downhole by helping eliminate premature dehydration.
  • Can function effectively in slurries containing up to 18% NaCl or 5% KCl.
  • Can act as a dispersant to help provide better frictional properties during placement.
  • Can act as a deaerator by reducing air entrainment, which helps provide more uniform slurry density.

Halad-23 EXP additive can provide the following benefits associated with low fluid loss in squeeze cementing jobs:

  • Helps reduce premature dehydration in tubing and casing while perforations are squeezed.
  • Helps protect water-sensitive shale sections that may weaken and break down because of cement filtrate.
  • Can reduce the amount of filtrate that can penetrate formations containing bentonite clays.

Halad-23 EXP additive helps provide the following benefits during primary cementing jobs:

  • Can lessen the possibilities of water and/or emulsion blocks, and blocks resulting from bentonitic clay swelling caused by filtrate from cement.
  • Helps protect water sensitive shales, and can reduce premature bridging in annuli,which may be caused by dehydration.
  • Can reduce slurry water losses, thus maintaining lower viscosities and circulating pressures.
  • Helps control gas leakage while cement is setting.

Halad-23 EXP Additive—Product Specifications

Part No. 101235842 Density 8.66 lb/gal
Form Tan, liquid Packaging 5 gal can
Specific Gravity 1.04 Pour Point 30°f


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Halad®-23 Fluid Loss Additive

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