Lightweight cement can be achieved by injection of gas (foamed cement) or by adding low-specific-gravity microspheres or other enhancing additives.

 • Foamed cement: Injecting gas (nitrogen, compressed air, or gas-generating solids) into the slurry provides the benefit of increased slurry compressibility, increase set-cement elasticity, and the flexibility to vary density during operations.

• Hollow glass spheres: While typically bulk blended, Halliburton also offers liquid-additive microsphere systems.  Microspheres are available as:

o Solid, plastic beads of approximately 1.0 specific gravity;

o Hollow-pozzlanic spheres of approximately 0.7 specific gravity;

o Hollow glass bubbles of approximately 0.32 to 0.61 specific gravity.

Properly designed microsphere slurries can achieve the highest strength-to-weight ratio and lowest permeability of any lightweight cement design. Additionally, microsphere slurries have a reduced transition time from liquid to cement setting, helping minimize the gas migration. Some other mechanical enhancement additives such as fibers may also assist with reduction of slurry densities.

Bentonite (Halliburton Gel) agent
A colloidal clay mineral used to increase volume and lower density while maintaining stability.
GasCon 469™ Additive
A liquid extender additive designed to help increase slurry stability and control free water.
GasCon III™ Additive
A liquid suspending additive designed to help increase slurry stability and control free water in temperatures up to 220°F (104.4°C).
Hollow Glass Spheres (HGS)
Hollow glass spheres used to decrease slurry density.
LiquiLite™ Cement Additive
Lightweight liquid cement additive containing hollow glass spheres to help eliminate bulk blending and save valuable silo space in remote locations.
Microbeads™ Mineral Spheres Additive
Can help regulate the slurry density of a cement blend and improve compressive-strength development.
Potters Q-Cel® Agent
Hollow microspheres with a special hydrophilic coating to reduce dusting and enhance mixability with properties between those of Spherelite® and HGS beads.
Silicalite Cement Additive
Silica powder used to increase slurry volume, reduce density, and increase compressive strength.


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