Cal-Seal™ 60 Accelerator

Shorten setting times and improve slurry properties

Cal-Seal 60 accelerator provides operators with important advantages during remedial work. Cal-Seal accelerator uses a hemihydrate form of calcium sulfate to help accelerate Portland cement, control lost circulation, act as an expanding aid and impart thixotropic properties to cement slurries. Cal-Seal accelerator increases viscosity and ‘early strength’ of slurries while using more water than other accelerators. Cal-Seal accelerator also decreases slurry density, thickening time and overall ‘final strength’.    

When blended with Portland cement, Cal-Seal 60 accelerator is perfect for shallow wells and for surface applications that require short setting times and rapid strength development. Cal-Seal 60 accelerator is effective at temperatures between 40° and 170°F (4° and 66°C), and mixing small amounts of sodium chloride (NaCl) to Cal-Seal 60 accelerator can help enhance cement acceleration in low temperatures. 

Accelerator concentrations can vary between 5% to 90% by weight of cement (bwoc) to meet specific requirements and conditions.

Cal-Seal 60 accelerator can provide the following benefits:

  • Within 60 minutes, slurries containing Cal-Seal 60 accelerator can withstand pressures exceeding 2,600 psi.
  • Cal-Seal 60 accelerator has a shelf-life of up to 24 months.
  • Cal-Seal 60 accelerator is environmentally safe and is not classified as a hazardous waste by the Environmental Protection Agency.
Cal-Seal 60 accelerator - Product Specifications
Part No.
(100-lb bag)
(100005051 SAP)
Bulk Density
75 lb/ft3
Part No. (bulk) 516.00335 Form Solid, white powder 
Specific Gravity 2.700

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Cal-Seal™ 60 Accelerator

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