Debris Management

Cuttings and debris are produced throughout the process of drilling a well. Despite drilling fluid circulation and hole cleaning operations prior to the casing run, a portion of these cuttings can be left behind. Further, unconsolidated formations can slough and introduce additional debris into the wellbore. During the casing run, these remaining solid materials can create problems and cause damage to various tools in the casing string if swept in through the shoe.

  • Early deactivation of auto-fill tools resulting in slower running speeds or formation surge
  • Damage to a valve seat preventing proper valve closure
  • Inability to properly land plug atop float collar due to a bed of solids ahead of the plug landing surface
  • Pack off or bridging of small ports or openings
  • Reduced ability to circulate cement through ports or openings
  • An inability to reach total depth (TD) on the first trip due to auto-fill pack off
  • Pack off of or setting issues with liner hangers

FlowMentum™ Debris Management System
Designed to be run in the lower most casing joint to trap wellbore cuttings and debris, preventing them from being swept into the casing string and causing damage

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