ESP Gauges

Real-time system monitoring for better ESP performance, lower OPEX, and longer run life

Get real-time monitoring for your downhole electric submersible pump (ESP) equipment. Downhole gauges supplied by Summit ESP® enhance operational efficiency, minimize downtime, and optimize production by providing a steady stream of data for surveillance and early intervention.

Our downhole gauges help keep equipment within optimal performance parameters by monitoring intake pressure, discharge pressure (optional), intake temperature, motor temperature, vibration, and current leakage.

Connect to surface units, variable speed drives, and remote monitoring systems

Gauges communicate over the ESP cable directly to surface units and variable speed drives, including the Summit ESP active control system (ACS®) variable speed drive. Data values are displayed in meaningful units of measure and are easily transmitted to real-time surveillance, which enables remote monitoring and control.

Hellcat™ Downhole Gauge
The Hellcat™ gauge ensures that electric submersible pump (ESP) performance downhole remains within predetermined limits. The highly reliable capacitance transducer design ensures the most accurate readings, enabling operators to spot issues that threaten the integrity of downhole equipment.
Triton™ Downhole Gauge
The Triton™ system is a 7- or 8-channel downhole gauge in combination with the Triton™ surface interface that enables real-time monitoring of downhole conditions. The gauge is slim-hole compatible and supports an industry-leading, 20,000-pound connection weight, allowing more accessory equipment on the string. Optional stainless steel metallurgy provides improved corrosion resistance.
Vigilant™ High-Temperature Downhole Gauge
The Vigilant™ high-temperature downhole gauge assists in monitoring well drawdown rates, gas fraction increases, gas lock, scaling, and asphaltene buildup.

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