High-performance power connection for ESP systems

Avenger® MLE provides increased reliability in high-temperature, highly corrosive gassy wells.


Case Study: Alberta, Canada

Avenger® Motor Lead Extension

Reliable new design for motor lead extensions (MLE) – Avenger® MLE protects pump life in corrosive, high-temperature life test conditions. 

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Reduction of rubber component in seal


Longer arc path than typical in the industry


Maximum temperature rating

Critical Connection Between the Main Power Cable and Downhole Equipment

The Avenger MLE improvement over the conventional design delivers proven innovative electrical system protection in thermal ratings >400°F (204°C) BHT. This new design helps reduce gas impregnation and thermal expansion from high wellbore temperatures and heat generated by the motor head, dramatically decreasing cable insulation shear and motor failure.

Avenger® Motor Lead Extension Features 

  • High-pressure seal between pothead housing and motor
  • Enhanced protection against corrosive chemicals and gases
  • Innovative electrical system protection
  • Reliable electrical connection in high-temperature applications