Reliable power in high temperature, gassy, and corrosive conditions

Corsair motors deliver long run times with greater reliability by actively resisting temperature and deformation in the harshest conditions.

Surpassing industry standards in design and performance

  • Bearings with thicker profiles reduce heat-generating vibration and increase heat transfer
  • Stator windings insulated with polyimide and PEEK with heat resistance protection
  • Rotors reduce friction and heat, eliminating the need for motor bearings in recessed areas
  • Low voltage consumption for more efficient operation
  • Shaped rotor bars use more copper for less power current waste
  • Stator slot and bar design improve power density with better starting torque


420 Corsair™ motor improves drawdown in tight clearance wells

A 420 Corsair™ EMS motor coupled with Tiger Shark® TS3 pumps provided the power needed to increase drawdown by 12% and total fluid production by 15%.


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