Superior separation efficiency in gassy applications

The Hydro-Helical gas separator sets a new industry standard for flow rate, performance, and reliability.

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Case Study: The Bakken

Hydro-Helical™ Gas Separator Increases Pump Run Life

Operator boosts oil well production with new gas separation technology

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Hart's E&P / June 2021

New gas separator provides increased efficiency and flow rate

This article discusses how Summit ESP's new gas separator is the first new downhole, dynamic concept in 30 years — a novel design, which has created the highest total flow range in the industry.


Separation efficiency


Flow rate than conventional separators


Flow rate in integral tandem configuration

Hydro-Helical gas separator solves difficult gas problems

  • Fluid remixing and inefficient separation due to regions of turbulent flow
  • Ineffective fluid separation patterns due to high-pressure differential across the separator
  • Limited maximum flow rate and pump compatibility from ingestion of fluid through exit ports
  • Flow losses, recirculation, and gas ingestion in integral tandem configurations

Top tier technology

  • Crossover technology enables maximum throughput efficiency of rotating fluids, optimum directional transfer of liquid, and increased erosion protection
  • Proprietary Erosion Buster® protection design throughout reduces erosion and wear
  • Innovative fluid moving stages produce 20% greater flow rate than conventional separators and 33% greater flow rate in integral tandem configuration
  • Anti-gas lock technology results in zero gas lock within the separator and thereby improved gas slug ride-through
  • Superior thrust protection reduces erosion and wear on running surfaces between the impeller and diffuser
  • Stationary helix vortex inducer creates greater than 95% separation efficiency, consistent separation of fluids at higher velocities and gas volume fractions, and eliminates erosion characteristics common in traditional paddlewheel vortex separators


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